Cord Disconnection

Often there is someone in our lives that haven’t always lifted us up (i.e., the ex, a dismissive teacher, a bully). In fact, many times this person contributed to negative understandings, and negative self identities about ourselves (i.e., I am […]

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How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression abounds after crisis. I didn't know how important this post would be today. Sometimes life events - some close and some very far away - could have us really feeling helpless and worried. "Helpless" and "worried" don't play nice together [...] Read more

What is The Meaning of Life?

Are you noticing the inspiration all around you? Because that is how you get joy out of life. You experience what you pay attention to. This is what I am paying attention to: • A man is grateful to rejoin [...] Read more

Whole Peace Sixth Step

Step 6: Understand Your Connection In this video, I tell a very personal story I have enough detachment now from the story, so you may hear me tell it and think. That doesn't sound bad. But I assure you, I [...] Read more

Guided Meditation LIVING FREE Order Page

Become Your Own Healer in 21 Days Take time out from the pressures of work and academics. Stay sane as a parent to toddlers and teens. Keep your cool as the favorite teacher. Relieve the pressure of anxiety, loneliness, pain, [...] Read more

Deciding to End a Relationship

Breaking up can feel like such a huge decision The nuances of deciding to end a relationship are many and I cannot possibly cover it all in this one episode. Some of you have relationships that are legally and physically easy [...] Read more