Cord Disconnection

Often there is someone in our lives that haven’t always lifted us up (i.e., the ex, a dismissive teacher, a bully). In fact, many times this person contributed to negative understandings, and negative self identities about ourselves (i.e., I am […]

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Deciding to End a Relationship

Breaking up can feel like such a huge decision The nuances of deciding to end a relationship are many and I cannot possibly cover it all in this one episode. Some of you have relationships that are legally and physically easy [...] Read more

Love up instead of worrying down

This saves lives. Believe me. Especially yours.   Love people up instead of worrying down.  We are human. And we love people. When we see people suffering, it triggers our mirror neurons to feel that suffering, too. There is something […]

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Do you believe in miracles?

Were you ever part of miracles happening? There is something about witnessing the uplifting of a soul, that changes how you see the world. My world was changed this weekend. I believe in miracles. Words can almost not describe the […]

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How do you get through a hard time?

At this point I have watched thousands of people get through awful times, and while they are forever changed by what they went through, it is not always in a bad way. Here is what some of my friends say about […]

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Why is it so hard to heal?

This is the big question. Sometimes trying to feel better is like swimming against a very strong current that wants to drag you the other way. Why is it so hard to heal? The negative voices in our heads can […]

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