Self Forgiveness: There is no risk

Self Forgiveness: You need only ask Self forgiveness often feels out of reach. We are entirely too hard on ourselves. Or we take ourselves way too seriously! Still, one of the biggest challenges in my life is Self Blame. I […]

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Give Fear the Boot! Online Anxiety Recovery Program!

It's time to free yourself from fear and panic!  /****************************************** - PREPARE PLACEHOLDER FOR SLIDER - ******************************************/ var setREVStartSize = function() { var tpopt = new Object(); tpopt.startwidth = 1120; tpopt.startheight = 324; tpopt.container = jQuery('#rev_slider_47_1'); tpopt.fullScreen = "off"; tpopt.forceFullWidth="off"; [...] Read more

How To Forgive and Let Go of Your Past

Forgiveness. Failure is epidemic. Do you know why? It’s not because people are inadequate. It’s because they think they are. We have some impossible standards that we measure ourselves against. And this has us beating ourselves up, blaming ourselves, and [...] Read more

Whole Peace Fourth Step

Step 4: Forgive & Let Go   Free Gift: You Are Invited To Heal Poster (right click to download to your computer) In this video I'll share with you what forgiveness is and what it isn't. You'll be able clear things [...] Read more

x Love Yourself Up Retreat

MOVE FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM! Get my free EBOOK.   Love Yourself Up Retreat Spend three transforming days in Jodi's healing bungalow in Rochester, NY Sept 11-13, 2015. Learn techniques to help you heal yourself from past or current problems such as [...] Read more

How do I get off my antidepressants?

There are many reasons to use antidepressants. Read about them here: Deciding to drug.  If they are benefitting you, and you are happy, stay the course. There is nothing weak about feeling depressed, anxious or taking medicine. There are also [...] Read more