De-Mystifying Self-Love

Do you know how to feel self-love? This is so evasive because we put so much meaning around it. I had a client who was following a guided meditation where he was asked to touch his heart and feel love [...] Read more

x Love Yourself Up Retreat

MOVE FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM! Get my free EBOOK.   Love Yourself Up Retreat Spend three transforming days in Jodi's healing bungalow in Rochester, NY Sept 11-13, 2015. Learn techniques to help you heal yourself from past or current problems such as [...] Read more

I miss you means I love you

I miss my  family while I am working. I miss my clients when I am home. I miss friends who live out of town. And old friends I don't speak with. I miss my family members who have passed on. [...] Read more

When your love is insecure

How to help your partner who is insecure There are challenges to loving someone who doesn't love herself very much. Not in that they are hard to love. That part is easy. When you love someone, you love them. You see [...] Read more

Love up instead of worrying down

This saves lives. Believe me. Especially yours.   Love people up instead of worrying down.  We are human. And we love people. When we see people suffering, it triggers our mirror neurons to feel that suffering, too. There is something [...] Read more

Love On The Rocks

This summer I spent some time with my dearest loves. Rocks. You know I love plants, but did you know that rocks are very close second? I made a commitment earlier this summer to lie on the ground three times a […]

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