Go from emotional pain and turmoil to whole peace in your life.           Taking time out of your busy day to focus on yourself and your healing. Guided Meditation Classes Sundays 7-8PM in West Irondequoit, NY [...] Read more

Three ways to stop feeling lonely

Do you know why loneliness feels so bad?  In this individualistic culture, we get so ashamed that we can't do everything all by ourselves. This discourse that you are weak or wrong if you need other people can really do [...] Read more

Are you too needy or too sensitive?

Worrying about feeling too needy is all too common today. Do you know why? Shame is rampant. We feel unworthy of other’s people time and energy. It is just a consequence of us deep down feeling that we are not […]

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How do I get off my antidepressants?

There are many reasons to use antidepressants. Read about them here: Deciding to drug.  If they are benefitting you, and you are happy, stay the course. There is nothing weak about feeling depressed, anxious or taking medicine. There are also […]

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