Healing Trauma – Hope and Help for Women

Healing Trauma is possible. Trauma affects the mind, body and soul. A history of trauma sometimes seems like a life sentence because the effects can be horrible and long-lasting. But trauma recovery doesn't have to last forever. Healing is possible. Sometimes when [...] Read more

Give Fear the Boot! Online Anxiety Recovery Program!

It's time to free yourself from fear and panic!  /****************************************** - PREPARE PLACEHOLDER FOR SLIDER - ******************************************/ var setREVStartSize = function() { var tpopt = new Object(); tpopt.startwidth = 1120; tpopt.startheight = 324; tpopt.container = jQuery('#rev_slider_47_1'); tpopt.fullScreen = "off"; tpopt.forceFullWidth="off"; [...] Read more

Book You 1, Anxiety 0 Resources

20 Ways To Calm From Anxiety and Panic Anxiety is curable. Even if therapy hasn't worked. Even if you feel hopeless. If you bought the E-Book or the Audiobook version (0r if you don't want to write in your paperback) get the [...] Read more

Finding Your Purpose for 2016

Want help finding your purpose for 2016? I do! I do! I am here to help! Here is my yearly ritual for finding your purpose. It helps me get crystal clear on how I want to spend my time and energy in [...] Read more

How To Motivate Your Teen

I have a little secret for you. I am the laziest person you could ever meet. I love to lounge in yoga pants all day watching Rom Coms, perusing funny videos on YouTube, and getting lost in a novel. My [...] Read more

How to Build Self-Confidence

Trust yourself One day my spiritual teacher told me that the next steps in my journey were to build faith in myself equal to my faith in God. Kind of big shoes to fill. She didn’t mean that I had [...] Read more