Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

Last week, I boarded a plane in the early morning and sat next to a beautiful 27 year old woman named Brittany. She engaged me in conversation which is unfortunately unusual these days on airplanes. She asked what I was [...] Read more

Raising Girls Self-Esteem

Help your daughter by helping yourself Talk about cutting right to the core of my own experiences! This video is something I feel so strong about since it is personal for me on many levels. I grew up watching the [...] Read more

My 5 Rules for Life

I spent so long thinking that I just had to live the life that I have been dealt -- sad, self-conscious, anxious, and lonely–that these things became the truth of who I was. Then, they became the lens through which [...] Read more

De-Mystifying Self-Love

Do you know how to feel self-love? This is so evasive because we put so much meaning around it. I had a client who was following a guided meditation where he was asked to touch his heart and feel love [...] Read more

Three ways to stop feeling lonely

Do you know why loneliness feels so bad?  In this individualistic culture, we get so ashamed that we can't do everything all by ourselves. This discourse that you are weak or wrong if you need other people can really do [...] Read more