Men and Anxiety

Men and Anxiety - Survivors of Sexual Abuse Here I am being interviewed by Matt of Surviving My Past  blog for survivors of sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse talking about what is unique to know about men and anxiey and [...] Read more

How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression abounds after crisis. I didn't know how important this post would be today. Sometimes life events - some close and some very far away - could have us really feeling helpless and worried. "Helpless" and "worried" don't play nice together [...] Read more

Anxiety and Trauma Recovery

Anxiety and trauma aren't a life sentence of pain and suffering   Today I am pleased to share an interview with a dear friend, Athena Moberg, co-founder of  Trauma Recovery University. Trauma Recovery University is hands-down the most heart-centered, relevant, and comprehensive resource that there [...] Read more

How To Deal with Social Anxiety

You are not as vulnerable as you think. One of the tricks of anxiety is that it takes all of your possible (read "near impossible") vulnerability and shoves it in your face so that terror is all you can see ahead of [...] Read more