What is The Meaning of Life?

Are you noticing the inspiration all around you? Because that is how you get joy out of life. You experience what you pay attention to. This is what I am paying attention to: • A man is grateful to rejoin [...] Read more

Allow Yourself To Feel

"You are allowed to feel! You are allowed!" I was "giving permission" to Betty, a client who was attempting to allow herself to be angry for the first time.  She closed her eyes tight, tried to breathe, and stay with [...] Read more

How To Let Go of Pain and Problems

Holding on and letting go. When I was in college, I had an important decision to make about a long-term relationship. One day, I was talking to my peace and justice professor about my plans after graduation and mentioned I [...] Read more

Getting Rid of OCD and Shame

About a year ago, I made a video about OCD and it caused a lot of controversy because I think people didn't understand it. I've been working with people with OCD for a really long time and I've known a [...] Read more

Four Ways Creativity Helps The Brain

More than anything else, the one thing that helped me come out of my dark place was getting my mind engaged in projects to take my mind-space away from anxiety and worried ruminations. I volunteered, re-did furniture, made gifts for [...] Read more

Eat Weeds To Increase Gut Flora

I’ve always been in awe of plants. They are so alive, vibrant, resilient, diverse, and nurturing. In the last several years, I have gotten closer to this passion by studying the medicinal value in plants just outside my door. Strangely [...] Read more