Ready to get your child back from the grips of Anxiety?

kids and anxiety

No more anxiety, worries, irrational fears and nervousness means

No more tears, no more upset stomachs, no more conflict

NO MORE digging their heels in when they need to go somewhere!

It’s time to leverage your PARENTING POWER! 

👈🏽Know when to push and when to go easy,

🔑understand the key to keeping calm, 

❤️provide support, 👍🏼validate and 🍎teach essential life skills.

Worries happen. Bad things happen.

How can you help your child move past anxiety, while preparing them for the real world?

KNOW HOW TO FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION from their fears to living a happy life!

I can show you how!

Discover why your kids get anxious, gain skills to get rid of it and learn how to help them take their power back!


Gain access to my 20 years of experience counseling kids with anxiety (while raising a few of my own!)

Ease your child’s suffering today with my online anxiety program for kids (and for you!) called

 Give Fear the Boot!™ KIDS!


Give Fear the Boot! KIDS is a comprehensive online program with videos for parents and their children to help them recover from anxiety. When you sign up, you get everything all at once. Plus you get access to the program for life. It gives you tactical instructions on how to help your children overcome their fears and get back to having fun.  You will discover why they get anxious, gain skills to get rid of it and learn how to help them take their power back!

Watch this video for a sneak peak into the program.


You get…

  • Immediate access to over 20 videos, audios and fun handouts for you and your child.
  • Tips on what you can do Find out exactly what to do when you can’t stand to see your child suffer anymore!
  • Kid-friendly videos featuring my baby girl, Miss Lily Aman!
  • To hear directly from the horse’s mouth as I interview Anxiety herself!
  • Access to a private FB group and get support from people who know what you are going through.
  • To have fun and feel freedom from anxiety!


Release You and Your Child from the Grip of Anxiety!  

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Here is what you do…

  • Register.
  • You’ll be emailed a link to the program with your password.
  • Enjoy immediate access to watch, listen and review over 20 videos, audios and fun handouts for you and your child
  • Move forward towards having fun and feeling free from anxiety!

Easy-squeezy, fast relief – the price of a book yet so much more! 

Take a look at the exciting, guaranteed FUN-filled, titles in the program!

(Kids can watch all of the videos, but the parents’ video are longer and more in depth!)

Kids' Videos

Welcome kids!

Meet Anxiety

Why do kids get anxiety?

Tapping your Anxiety away!

Anxiety’s Tricks and Tactics

Lessons from Harry Potter

Finding your power!

What would it be like if Anxiety got your letter?

Parents' Videos

Welcome parents!

Where does Anxiety come from?

Understand Anxiety

Model Confidence and Calm

Externalize the worry

Teaching skills

Taking action

Dr. Zendi discusses medication and nutrition

School Anxiety

Anxiety and Anger

What to do if it comes back

SIGN UP and start seeing your kids anxiety-free Now!

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To keep the price low, and because the program is delivered immediately, there are no refunds with GFB kids.

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