Heal the Healer Retreat in Naples NY

We are busy planning the next big event for you, but if you are sad to have missed this, go on a retreat in the comfort of your own home: Happy Soul Messages

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Heal the Healer Retreat – September 8-10, 2017

All personal and professional helpers: ministers, counselors, coaches, nurses, caregivers, teachers, parents, yoga teachers, PTs, OTs, message therapists, light workers, and more…

Spend a weekend with me in Naples, NY learning earth wisdom for higher consciousness,

A focused retreat, a beautiful space, a healing program.

Dear beautiful souls in service,

Are you feeling the need to reconnect to your soul? Learn how to balance your life mission so it feeds your soul even when working with difficult people? Are you feeling stress in your work, within your relationships or around the nation? Do you want some focused time to take care of yourself?

Come on retreat with me in Naples, NY.

In this immersive spiritual weekend retreat, you will create a pathway to a more joy-infused, connected existence.  You will heal old wounds, develop spiritually, connect to your true self, open to your life purpose, and find peace.

You will learn how to heal yourself while you heal others

Through a combination of practical teaching, activities, transformative group discussions, and a variety of meditative practices, you will:

  • Learn about medicinal herbs and healing elements

  • Connect to your Spirit guides

  • Participate in ceremonies

  • Practice sustainable self-care

  • Hone your heart-listening skills

Weekend retreat to focus on healing your mind, body and soul

Sometimes healing takes your full attention. The distractions of your daily life get in the way of hearing your inner wisdom. Therefore healing on retreat is faster and more impactful.

Don’t keep letting your past haunt you, block you or destroy you. Don’t let self-doubt run your life. Your life is yours. I will show you how to take it back.

Be free. Be happy. Let go of your past and start getting the most out of this life. Not only do you deserve it, but the world deserves you in your best self.