Do you have flying anxiety?

Let me show you how you can fly with comfort and peace!

From being uncomfortable flying to have full-out flying anxiety, I can help!

  • Do you avoid traveling and get intense anxiety just thinking about booking that trip?
  • Perhaps you worry that you'll feel trapped on the plane?
  • Stress about crashing or turbulence?
  • Maybe you keep thinking that you’ll be sick and anxious throughout the whole flight?

That is flying anxiety!

So many people needlessly suffer from this. Here are a few of the mistakes they are making:

1. Not addressing other anxieties.

Anxiety and worry can spread from one thing to another. The more anxieties and worries you have, the more they attach to new things. Clear the deck. When you get rid of other anxieties in your life, you get rid of the fear of flying, too. (And when you get rid of the fear of flying, you get rid of other anxieties!) Work on smaller worries first and the bigger ones will be easier.

2. Needing to learn proper breathing to calm themselves.

Breathing deeply eases the nervous system, lowering your adrenaline. It is a great exercise to practice a few times a day for a couple of minutes to ease overall anxiety and also when you are nervous, it will help calm you. Breathing is free and always available.

3. They are afraid of panic attacks.

Anxiety needs you to be scared in order to sustain it. When you are afraid of panic attacks - and I understand why - it gives the panic power and increases the frequency and intensity of it.

4. They don't do research.

Understanding how a plane works, learning the safety features and hearing the statistics helps you see how remote it is to have a plane incident and how many other more statistically dangerous things that you do every day - like driving.

5. Thinking negative thoughts are true.

There are tons of worst-case scenarios that we think of because we have a very creative brain. Fear has us thinking we are having premonitions of danger, which increases the fear. We all have negative thoughts and some people give them more attention than others. When you are anxious and or depressed, you also tend to isolate yourself, which is the worst thing for your psyche, and gives negative thoughts a great deal of power.

6. Avoiding flying.

This may suit some people who don't value travel and mobility, but if it did, you wouldn't be reading this. Avoidance doesn't help fear go away, it just keeps you insecure and spreads to more areas of your life. It limits your life and keeps you from fun, connection, and adventure.

Would you Rather Travel by Plane, Worry-free?

Please know that you are not alone!  25% of Americans have some flying anxiety.

Flying anxiety and the fear of flying could be attributed to and can host a bunch of other anxieties, like fear of being out of control, claustrophobia, social anxiety, fear of death, fear of germs.

Even fear of fear.

These fears could spill into other areas of your life -- for one, you may ultimately avoid the idea of traveling at all!

Discover how eliminating and addressing those fears cures flying anxiety and the fear of flying!


In less than two weeks! 

There are adventures to have, stuff to do and people to be with! Lives to change!

I can show you how to go from feeling trapped and terrified of flying free and relaxed

In my Flying Without Anxiety Meditation Series you will:

          • Both know you are safe and feel safe in your body.
          • Start your recovery as soon as you book your trip.
          • Put your family first and your fear last.
          • Won't miss or avoid another adventure.
          • Have more fun in your life.
          • See those ancient runes!
          • Fly to whatever you want.

Here is exactly what you get with this program. It is easy to do and easy to commit to.

You get 3 preflight meditations that you do before the trip to understand and get over your fear of flying. The rest of the meditations are if you want extra support DURING the flight. I go with you!

            1. Pre-flight 1 Kinesthetic Meditation
            2. Pre-flight 2 Light Body
            3. Pre-flight 3 Imagine
            4. Flight 1 Look Around
            5. Flight 2 Ribbons
            6. Flight 3 Body Relaxation
            7. Flight 4 House Tour
            8. Flight 5 Rainbow
            9. Flight 6 Picture Your Destination
            10. Flight 7 "I can.
            11. BONUS: Breathing for a panic attack

My own before and after story...

I avoided flying for many years. And then an opportunity came up that I couldn't pass by. I booked a trip to Australia seven months before the conference and then proceeded to have daily panic attacks for the next five months. It takes four different planes to get from Rochester to Adelaide and is usually 36+ hours door to door. I was freaking out.

During those five months, every time I heard a plane fly over my house, I started to panic picturing myself overwhelmed and trapped in the plane. I was overwhelmed and exhausted and thought about canceling a million times.

Six weeks before the trip, I learned how to do guided visualization, and began to develop what I have now coined as "kinesthetic affirmations" (Trademark pending). I practice for less than two weeks before a major shift came. My attitude transformed from panic to excitement. I was actually looking forward to my adventure. Just in case, I kept up the practice until the night before the trip came, and I wasn't anxious! I even slept like a calm baby each night. And so, I went!

On the plane, I was cool as a cucumber and actually had fun watching the movies and talking to people next to me!  I repeated the process again and again for several trips and my flying anxiety went down, down, down!

Not only do I now fly several times a year but also I fly with no lingering fears.

These kinesthetic affirmations are what I teach in this audio program. It is designed to repeat and reinforce confidence in yourself and remind you of the control that you have. It shows you where anxiety comes from so you can eliminate it. This repetition of imagery is done on purpose to calm the mind and stop the trigger of anxiety about flying. You need to fly eventually in order to cure your flying anxiety. Don't worry, you build confidence by doing. It'll amaze you what you can do! You won’t know you can until you do it.
The people who have anxiety about flying are people who don’t fly often.

You are not alone. I have been there and I know the way out. I will be with you every step of the way.

Feel the freedom to go wherever you want without stress!

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