trust god lock your car

Trust God, But Lock Your Car

The other day I saw a church sign that said “Trust God, But Lock Your Car” and I thought it was perfect for those of us who have trust issues! And really, who doesn’t have trust issues? We’ve all been hurt and then subsequently found it hard to trust. We all read the terrible stuff that is happening in the world, and worry if we are next.

trust issues lock your car

We’ve got trust issues!

How can you NOT have trust issues? Read the news for one day, and you are afraid of leaving the house! It feels as though nobody and nothing is trustworthy.

Without trust, though, fear and anxiety take over. (Trust is the opposite of anxiety.) Fear is the biggest problem here on this earth. It keeps us from doing and trying so many things because we’re too afraid. It holds us back. It makes us suffer way more than we ought to! Then, anxiety just causes us to mistrust MORE! So much so that our trust issues make it near impossible to let our guard down–at all.

driving anxiety

If you have trust issues, guess what? That actually means that you value trust. It is very important to you. (Very, very important!) You want to know where you stand. You want to feel safe and know that things won’t get out of control. You want to KNOW how people think and act so you can prevent something bad. Yep. I get it. This is what everyone wants.

Fear is a prison

…that keeps us from happiness. You may think you need fear to protect you from everything. But fear rarely actually protects us. Common sense, problem solving, confidence, planning, observing and decision making are what protects us. Not fear.

This is what I speak about in this Facebook LIVE video. (Get notifications to see when I am live next: Facebook.) Because we want to use these protection skills instead of letting fear keep us from happiness, we have to separate these skills from fear. When you trust and feel free, this doesn’t mean you leave yourself vulnerable. The answer is just like the church sign said, learn to “trust God, but lock your car.”

Here is how to embrace your trust issues, and learn that you have the power to trust the one person that matters. YOU.


Trust God, But Lock Your Car

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Remember: Trust Issues are good!

Keep them and love yourself for valuing trust. It helps when you know that other peoples actions are not about you.

When people are mean, it’s not because they don’t like you. It’s because they don’t like themselves. (It’s true! And you may say: “But everyone is mean to me”, to which I would say: “A lot of people don’t like themselves!” People are limited. When they are miserable, that misery will bubble over when they reach their limit.)

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So even though you can’t trust everybody. It doesn’t matter. You can trust yourself to handle uncomfortable situations, and get yourself out of them. You don’t have to be afraid that you are vulnerable or judge yourself for “locking your car.”

How to Trust When You Have Trust Issues

  1. Trust God, Trust Yourself. Looking at the situation from afar, most of the time you can see that you’re gonna be OK. You don’t always have to ‘figure it out’. More often than not, you can handle what comes…one thing at a time.
  2. Lock Your Car. When you learn to Trust Yourself, you’ll see that you can decipher when and how to set clear boundaries with others. This may mean blocking someone out of your life completely. It may mean not taking what doesn’t serve you into your heart. It may also mean giving someone a chance. The latter may result in you getting hurt, but again, trust yourself to be able to handle it.

Check out my video Biology of Fear that has information proven to take away over 50% of the stress, anxiety and panic in my clients.

How do you handle your trust issues? Share with me!

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clear your mind at night

How to Have a Clear Mind at Night

So many of us struggle with this. The worries, the to-do lists, the what ifs- all these monkey mind thoughts that hit us as soon as our head hits the pillow! We all want a clear mind at night. We all want bedtime to be a time of peace and quiet.

clear mind at night

But why does all this strife come to us when we are finally ready to just relax? It’s because all throughout the day we are busy doing other things and thinking about the task at hand. At night though, we’re not doing anything and this opens us up to the demands of the monkey mind!

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We need to pull focus away from the monkey mind onto something else that will allow us to clear the mind and have a peaceful sleep.

How to Have a Clear Mind at Night

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Tips to a Clear Mind at Night

  1. Don’t Worry About Getting Enough Sleep. When you worry about not getting enough sleep, your adrenaline goes up and this will keep you awake. Tell yourself you will figure it out. You always have!
  2. Read Fiction. In my experience, reading a novel that you’ve already read is a great way to distract your mind and begin to settle into sleep. You already know the characters, you know what happens and so your mind can just lull itself into rest.
  3. Guided Meditation. There are plenty of guided meditations out there. The difference with guided meditations is that you are given a narrative to follow so your mind is told what to do and what to focus on. You’re not left to wander and you’re actually given wisdom along the way.
  4. Plan a Pretend Party. This is a great tip, especially for kids. Have them use that creative mind on something fun and benign.
  5. Recall a TV Show. In your mind, go over a recent TV episode from start to finish. It’s a pleasant distraction and it really works!
  6. Tour an Old House. Think about an old house in which you had great memories and take a tour in your mind.

If you are experiencing a racing mind at night, if anxiety and worry keep you up late, rotate some of these tactics to bring in something else to focus on, besides your worries and to dos.

What do you do to help clear your mind at night? Share with me!

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stress free new year

My Top 10 Videos of 2017 for a Stress-Free New Year!

What kind of year was 2017 for you? Great? Challenging? A Mixed bag? Whatever it was, take some time now to watch my Top 10 Videos of 2017. I promise they’ll help you start a stress-free new year!

stress free new year

Top Ten Videos for a Stress-Free New Year!

calm from anxiety
new workbook
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What were your favorite videos?

It’s that time again! Time to sit back and celebrate your accomplishments– big AND small- they are amazing and worthy of celebrating. Even getting out of bed is cause for celebration sometimes. Celebrate you this week! Let it be the beginning of a stress-free new year. Give yourself lots of kudos for all the stuff you did well and offer yourself forgiveness for the times you messed up. Let go of anxiety and get back to your life purpose.

I’m so proud of all that I’ve accomplished and handled with grace this year. Let me tell you that I don’t just float through life. I work so hard: on talking nicer to myself, on taking care of people in my life and in my community, on writing and creating videos to share, and on developing my self spiritually emotionally and physically.

stress-free new year jodi aman counseling anxiety training Of course, sometimes it feels like you don’t have the energy to do lots of work like I do. You may think, Happy people have the energy for that work.

If you can, invite yourself to the perspective that it is the work that is necessary to becoming happy. You don’t need energy for the work. It is the work that gives you energy. Practice being kinder to yourself EVEN when you don’t feel like it. Do something creative even if you are NOT motivated. I am unmotivated all the time, and I just do it anyway. It is only after I do the first steps that I can begin to get into the flow.

Stress-free new year

Every year I find peace with myself and build trust in myself more and more. Using the suggestions in these videos for a stress-free new year, you can incorporate the same practices to find peace and trust your self.  My hope is that the work I put out into the world reaches those who need it. Again, these videos come from my heartbeat. I’m committed to sharing these messages of hope as much as I can. Please help my by sharing them with your communities. I can reach a lot of people with your help. Also, as always give me feedback!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

Let’s make this a stress-free new year!

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10-4 what can I do for you today

10-4 Good Buddy! Ask: What Can I Do for You Today?

A few months back, I was writing in my journal and when I looked down at the date I noticed it was 10-4. This reminded me of the CB radio call: 10-4, Good Buddy!… a different way of saying “I hear you.”

what can I do? jodi aman on facebook live

Catch me live!

And that’s what I want to discuss today. What if you began each day with: “What Can I Do for You Today?” And what if you actually acted on the guidance you received? How would that change your life and the lives of those around you?

calm from anxiety

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately. We all see a lot of quotes and memes out there like: “Kindness is my religion” or “Kindness is my politics”, but what does that look like in our daily lives? How can we take action on that?

Asking: What Can I Do for You Today

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4 Steps to a Better Day

  1. Ask. Each morning, ask your Higher Power: What can I do today to help others, myself, the world at large today?
  2. Listen. Be open to receiving guidance. Remember, all you have to do is be willing to hear the messages. You don’t have to “figure it out”.
  3. Say “I’ll do it!” Affirm this guidance by saying 10-4, Good Buddy!
  4. Do it. Take inspired action and watch how it improves your day and life.

By asking, “What can I do?”, we open ourselves up to loving service. These little inspired actions will feel good, and never like a sacrifice. It may feel like discipline, but if you begin to feel resentful, stop. This isn’t coming from your heart. Ask your Higher Power for further guidance and begin again.

Start asking “What can I do?” today. I’ll help you focus on what is most important.

What kind of guidance have you received from Spirit? How did it change your life? Share with me below.

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get healed with dr robin miller

Get Healed! – with Dr. Robin

If you want to get healed, you are going to hear some fascinating facts in this interview.

You are reading this for a reason and you are in the right place! My guest today is Dr. Robin Miller. She is the author of three books, but today she is going to tell us about her most recent one: Healed!: Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight from the Leading Edge.

Dr. Robin has gathered the knowledge, insights and anecdotes offered in this book over the course of 33 years of treating patients using the principles of integrative medicine. Board certified in Internal Medicine, she also trained with Andrew Weil as an Integrative Medicine Fellow at University of Arizona.

calm from anxiety

We could have talked forever! Listen in as we discuss the importance of healthy food choices for an overall healthy life. Dr. Robin reveals some really fascinating insights to living better and also living happier.

Get healed with Dr. Robin!

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3 Components of Good Health

  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Gut

In our interview, Dr. Robin and I focused more on the importance of having a healthy gut in order to obtain and maintain optimal health, especially good mental health! (Psst, this helps your anxiety get healed too!)

How to improve the health of your gut and get healed

  1. Eat more prebiotic foods like asparagus and onions.
  2. Add more probiotic foods to your diet such as kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir.
  3. Garden. There are tons of good bacteria in your soil.  Get your hands dirty to help your gut!
  4. Exercise. When you exercise, you also help your body form Butyrate- a type of fatty acid that helps your gut work right.
  5. Ask your health professional to test for a genetic MTHFR mutation. You may need to supplement with L-methylfolate.

How do you take care of your gut health? Share with me!

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Phobia Relief – Neuro-Linguistic Programing for Fear and Anxiety

If you have been seeking phobia relief

I have it here for you! You are in the right place! My guest today is Kalliope Barlis and in her book, Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom, she shares her proven method for getting over fears, phobias and anxieties so you can get back to living!

phobia relief anxiety treatmentKalliope was a professional golfer and her coach introduced her to a method called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP©) to help her get the game she wanted. Very soon however, she realized this could be applied to so many things in life and she made it her mission to help people- especially those looking for phobia relief. Kalliope also trains professionals in NLP to help spread this incredibly effective method of healing.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing for Fear and Anxiety

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Phobia Relief: Change How You Think to Change How You Feel

Thoughts create neural pathways. So any given memory will have a pathway leading from and firing off one neuron to the next, to the next etc. By shrinking and/or reframing our thoughts, these pathways can literally lose their charge. As a result, our feelings change!

anxiety treatment
NLP is the study and use of successful behavior. So when you focus on the awareness of how you think about what you fear, you get your power back- making the impossible possible!

Here are 3 Quick Ways to Find Phobia Relief:

1. Ask yourself: Am I in danger in this moment right now? If the answer is no, continue to the second step.
2. Breathe in for three seconds, hold for three seconds and breathe out for three seconds and then repeat as necessary.
3. Affirm that what you are thinking about can actually be shrunk in size. Consequently, your feelings will change.

If you need further help with this, let me know (Work with Jodi.).

Have you healed any phobias? What worked for you? Share with me!

benefits of smiling

Benefits of Smiling: Change Your Day from Crappy to Happy!

The benefits of smiling are many. Smiling has brought lots of good stuff to my life. Today I’m sharing my personal experience with smiling and why it’s part of my daily routine. I also share what stops us from smiling, how we’re affected by it, and why it’s so important.

There are many reasons to smile. It can ease stress in your body on a cellular level and make your body feel more relaxed and calm. Any tension you may be feeling can be lessened just by smiling! By moving the muscles in and around your mouth, endorphins are released. These neurotransmitters actually combat stress.

Benefits of Smiling in Relationships with Others

Another great benefit is relationship. We are social beings longing for connection. Smiling can initiate these relationships or even help to sustain them. Think of this… when you’re just walking down the street- probably in your own head thinking the same old thoughts- and someone smiles at you, it’s like an acceptance of your very being. It can change your day.

calm from anxiety

When you smile at someone else you are beginning a relationship with that person. You are telling them they are worthy and they are special. It starts a connection. Maybe it is just a simple hello, but it could

also develop into something more. Smiling at someone often makes them smile back. We have those mirror neurons that make us mimic what we see. That’s one of the huge benefits of smiling…it’s spreading joy!

Watch this video to find out the benefits of smiling


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Change Your Day from Crappy to Happy

Many of us are carrying around a lot of fear and self-conscious feelings that may prevent us from reaching out to others. Take the risk of feeling good and making a connection. Smile at someone today!

Check out my book, You 1, Anxiety 0, for this one. This book has everything you need to cure yourself from anxiety.

Has someone’s smile changed your day? Share with me below!

"I'm a mess!" - What to do if you feel out of control

“I’m a mess!” – What to do if you feel out of control – FB LIVE

Are you repeating “I’m a mess!” in your head?

I hear it from people all the time: “I’m a mess!”, “No one knows it, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”, “I’m just faking it!” So many of us are walking around in our daily lives feeling this way. It’s as if we have a tape playing over and over in our minds of these negative mantras. We keep our focus on feeling overwhelmed and are blind to everything else. And I get it. I understand why you feel that way. But I would suggest looking at it a different way…

calm from anxiety

You are functioning in everyday life in spite of how you feel

This takes so much effort! Even while you are telling yourself: “I’m a mess!”, you are going about your daily life being kind to others, showing up to work, buying groceries, caring for your family etc. So if you’re going to notice how you feel overwhelmed all the time, then how about noticing how well you cope? How about giving yourself some kudos for getting through life? This shift in perception will dramatically change how you feel about yourself.

What to do if you feel out of control

In this video, I give you tips and tricks to help pull you out of this negative inner commentary to see how well you truly are doing. I don’t want to dismiss how you feel- I do understand. But there are people who aren’t getting out of bed, who cannot function day to day. You are making it; you are surviving.

This video was originally broadcast live on Facebook. Follow me and get notifications to catch me on LIVE next time! Jodi Aman – Release Fears, Master Happiness.

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3 New Mantras to use instead of “I’m a mess!”

  1. I’m fine in this moment.
  2. I’m safe in this moment.
  3. In this moment, I am free to do whatever I want.

We are adults and despite what Anxiety might tell us, we really can decide how to act and respond in any given situation. Take that power back! It’s so important.

Want more? Start here for my best training: 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic.

Do you have any mantras you would add? Share them with me!

ANXIETY feels like

What Anxiety Feels Like – Is this A Panic Attack or Anxiety?

Anxiety Feels Like Hell

what anxiety feels like

I know what anxiety feels like.

It feels like hell. I know because I’ve been there. And if you’re reading this blog right now because you’re experiencing anxiety and panic then I am so sorry. Please know you are not alone. Sometimes the people around you feel helpless. They don’t know what anxiety feels like. They don’t know the torture like you and I do.

Here are just a few symptoms of Anxiety/Panic:

  1. Mind is racing.
  2. Stomach Issues.
  3. Body gets warm/cold.
  4. Elevated heart rate.
  5. Finding it hard to breathe.
  6. Hyper-focused thinking.

These are just some of the symptoms that describe what anxiety feels like and all have to do with heightened adrenaline in the body. Watch the video to learn more.

What Anxiety Feels Like – Is this a Panic Attack or Anxiety?

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This is What Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety is a worry-based physically and emotionally intense sensation due to the release of cortisol and adrenaline hormones that’s prompted when you are not in physical danger. It may cause gastrointestinal symptoms, rapid breathing and increased heart rate. It’s usually accompanied by distressing thoughts as well as a desperation to feel calm again. You feel helpless or worried that you “can’t handle it” or that you’ll “go crazy.” You feel stuck, trapped in a feeling of vulnerability and out of control, even though you’re not in immediate danger.

Let’s Get You Feeling Better

calm from anxiety

I know anxiety is scary but it needs you to be scared for it to continue to destruct your life. Anxiety is curable. It’s not something that you have to live through forever. Anxiety is highly treatable.

You may not think you can stop the anxiety, but you can. I’ve walked many people through getting over their anxiety and I know that you can change this.

Check out my video Biology of Fear that has information proven to take away 50% of the stress, anxiety and panic in my clients. I also mention my video on 20 Ways to Calm from Anxiety , so check that out too!

Share with me! I’d love to hear what anxiety feels like for you and how you help yourself feel better.