why you think anxiety is not curable

Why You Think Anxiety Is Not Curable

Some people feel hopeless

They think their anxiety is not curable. They’ve tried many medicines and combinations of medicines. For years. They’ve done groups, seen doctors, distracted themselves, tried to motivate themselves, attempted to let go of it, read books, heeded advice, sampled meditation, and watched videos. Maybe they get a little better temporarily, but no cure. They tried more. They know it has worked for many people, but they figure that it just doesn’t work for them.

I was in this place for many years. I was convinced, Anxiety is not curable. It was devastating. I had no power. Anxiety had the advantage over me. It stuck around. For decades.

I realize now that this belief kept it around for longer than it needed to be- which meant many, many more late stressed nights of pacing, missed events, lost relationships, and years of suffering. It was only when I believed it might be possible – or was desperate enough to have hope beyond the hopeless which sparked a determined desire to do whatever possible – that I figured out how to get rid of it. For good.

From personal experience, I understanding how badly anxiety terrorizes your life. Because I still remember, and because I cured it completely and now live happy and calm and connected, I am doing everything I can to share what I learned to relieve men, women and children of the suffering they are living through at the hands of anxiety.

I am proof that Anxiety is Curable. I don’t know if you will cure your anxiety, but I know that you CAN. In fact, you can start here: 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic. Even when there is a physical cause. Anxiety is curable. And here is my take on anxiety causes and it’s treatment.

There are reasons you think anxiety is not curable. In this video, I lay out exactly what those are.

Why you think anxiety is not curable

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You are still scared of it

Anxiety needs you to be scared for it to stay. I know. I know. It is scary. But seriously, you can change this-> watch my Biology of Fear video.

You have to like yourself

No way of getting around this one. I didn’t realize that my anxiety had to with self-worth issues for so long and once I did, I got on my path out of the suffering. I had to practice seeing myself differently. So I took on these very easy practices, and things shifted. You have to find peace with yourself. You have to stop judging yourself. (Want more? Read the linked articles.)

You cannot stay still

Again, watch my Biology of Fear video to see why.

You have to believe that you can

Again, no getting around this one. If you believe that you can’t. You can’t. I can promise you I am a first-hand witness to thousands of people who think anxiety is temporary, getting over it faster. Every single time. And those who think they can’t – no matter how hard I try to convince them – may get lucky, but usually stay stuck. Check out my book, You 1, Anxiety 0, for this one. This book has everything you need to cure yourself from anxiety.

Want more? Start here for my best training: 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic.

Do you think anxiety is curable? Why or why not? 

Suicide Prevention for You or Someone You Love – FB Live

Let’s Talk Suicide Prevention

happy soul messages side

Your soul needs a re-boot!

The topic of suicide prevention is a difficult one, but so pervasive. Everyone has been touched by suicide in some way. We either know someone who has done it, or someone who has felt like they wanted to or we have wanted to commit suicide ourselves. It is a dark and scary place to be. It is a hopeless place to be.

That hopelessness is exactly what needs to be broken through in order to prevent someone from taking their own life. To know hopelessness you must also have known hope at some point. That hope is key to suicide prevention.

I Want To Know What Is Behind That Hope

We can think back to that time you were hopeful. What sustains that hope?

I want to know why someone wants to live- to hear more about it and let those words and the care for that thing float around the room, come around a person in a big hug and make them want to live even more! I’m in awe of why someone wants to live, so that awe is reflected back and they are in awe too.

Go here to for suicide prevention for when someone you love is thinking about suicide.

Let’s dive in and watch the video…

Suicide Prevention for You or Someone You Love

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Trade Shame for Compassion

When all the hurt and the guilt and the negative self-judgment pile up, it is overwhelming. We feel like we cannot handle it. Instead, we want to disappear. We would rather die than face one more ounce of pain.

suicide prevention counseling jodi aman

But what if, slowly, you could trade those shameful thoughts for compassionate ones? What if you could be willing to give yourself a little love instead of all the blame? Trust me- you are skilled and you are a survivor. You are capable. I wish foryou to see that!

P.S. I still do private consulting!

How have you been able to show compassion for yourself? 

New Anxieties: Just when you retire one fear, another attacks you from behind

Do you ever wonder why you get one anxiety after another? New anxieties aren’t really all that new. It’s the same ole’ Anxiety trying to get your attention with a shiny, new threat. Anxiety wants to stay in your life. It doesn’t want to leave. It wants to keep you home and alone and feeling awful. That’s what Anxiety wants. So…

new anxieties: one anxiety after another

Anxiety is constantly working hard to get or keep your attention with new anxieties. For the savvy person like you, Anxiety has to keep things fresh and new, because you’ve seen through the other lies it has told you in the past. So Anxiety has to come up with something else to get you to notice it. And boy, does it come up with some doozies. Keep this in mind: Anxiety needs your attention.

Watch my video on why it does that and HOW it is able to do that. Once you know HOW new anxieties are allowed to come in, you will stop them in their tracks!

New Anxieties: Just when you retire one fear, another attacks you from behind

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Why you have one anxiety after another

Keep calm coloring bookSo I mention above the reason new anxieties come into your life, but I want to reiterate here that it is because you are doing something right, not doing something wrong. You are challenging anxiety! And then, it has to find something else to bug you. But if you have the skills to challenge it, then you can challenge new anxieties too.

The problem can be that you are not aware that you were the one who stopped the former anxiety, and so you feel inept at handling this one. This is what you do: Think about the former, retired anxiety and figure out what you did to stop it. Anxiety doesn’t just go away. You get rid of it. And so you can get rid of the new anxieties, too.

If you need some help with this, let me know (Work with Jodi.).

What is your newest anxiety? What were some of your previous anxieties? 


Changing Belief Systems and Healing Your Anxiety

This blog and video about Changing Belief Systems and Healing Your Anxiety comes from a reader’s question. (If you have a question for me, ask in the comments! I will probably make a video for you!)

changing belief systems

Anxiety vs. Belief Systems

driving anxiety tipsHere is the question:

Hi Jodi,

Do you have to heal belief systems from the past in order to heal from anxiety? For example, I know that my nervous system freaks out easily and says “Be careful!” “Watch out!” due to abandonment from early years. There is a lack of trust in life and fear my body will malfunction (because it does a lot). So, do you have to be [changing belief systems] in order to move forward to freedom? Or do you have to learn to trust yourself in the present?

The heart of the question I hear is, “Do you have to heal the past or just build trust in the future?”

You have very little attention and energy when you have anxiety so getting these answers is important. Let’s save time and put that little bit of effort into doing THE best practice to getting better. However, this is also anxiety insidiously at work pinning you down, when you think it is protecting you (by saving your time). “You have to do it right!’ it says, when it is really causing you to feel more out of control because you don’t know what is right and God-forbid you make a mistake.

Healing Your Anxiety

The approach I use doesn’t make you choose between changing belief systems from the past and building trust in the future because either one will trigger the other.  Our past and how we understand it is the biggest culprit in why we mistrust ourselves in the present. When you make peace with what happened you see it differently and you see yourself differently. You stop the negative judgments about it and start to see your skills. This is how you build trust in the present. And when we work on affirmations to build trust in our present self we start to rethink those negative taken-for-granted views about our past.

Watch the video to get the details.

Changing Belief Systems and Healing Your Anxiety


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Beliefs stick because we repeat them over and over

buy you 1 anxiety 0If you keep asking, “What is wrong with me?” then, you are going to think you don’t know what is wrong with you, (even though, for example, you know your feelings were hurt when someone was mean to you). Stop repeating this negative self judgment by building trust in yourself through self-compassion.

Beliefs are very powerful. One big difference between people who continue to suffer from anxiety and those that get better fast is that they believe that they can. You think I can and you can’t.

If you believe that you will be okay eventually – this means you trust that you WILL figure this out – you will. Get help here. 

Hope that answers your question!

Tell me below what beliefs are holding you back…


tapping fears away with tom

Tapping Fears Away with Tom Porpiglia – Keep Calm Radio – FB

This Keep Calm Radio interview “Tapping Fears Away with Tom Porpiglia” gives you one more tool in your tool belt to handle and get rid of anxiety, PTSD and depression. These problems are so hard to heal because they capture the mind, spirit and the body in its grips.

anxiety tools anxiety treatment, online anxiety help

(I record Keep Calm Radio Show Mondays at 6 PM LIVE on my Facebook page, join me next Monday!)

Let’s face it, we can all use as much help as possible when it comes to handling stress, fear and anxiety. You don’t have to do this alone. Have you ever tried tapping? Have you heard of EFT?

Meet my friend and colleague Tom Porpiglia.

Tom is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services. He is an EFT Therapist and his work has helped so many people! As a Veteran of Vietnam, Tom is especially interested in helping veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma or Moral Injury.

What is Tapping (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is like acupuncture for the emotions without needles. What happens is we tap on acupressure points defined by acupuncture while focusing on thoughts and phrases that define the issue. Tapping works by releasing blockages within the energy system that are the source of emotional discomfort.

EFT uses our fingertips to tap on the end points of energy meridians. These are located just beneath the surface of the skin. It is safe and non-invasive. Tapping also works along the lines of the philosophy of making change as simple and comfortable as possible.

I love so many things about Tapping and one of my favorite is that EFT restores trust in the natural healing abilities of our own mind and body!

When you watch this video you will learn what you need to tap NOW! Tapping has no risk so you can tap along with us…

Tapping Fears Away with Tom Porpiglia

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Tapping Can Help with the Following:


happy soul messages side

  • Traumatic memories
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Limiting fears or beliefs


What do you want to tap away? 



healing self-love

Healing with Self-Love – FB Live

Healing with Self-Love

happy soul messages healing with self loveIf you want to heal from emotional pain, this is the place to be. I will tell you that you are love. You give love and you deserve love. But sometimes, you don’t give that love that you DESERVE to yourself. This keeps you from freeing yourself from the emotional pain in your life. That is why I advocate for healing with self-love. And practicing this every darn day of your life.

Healing with self-love is not something you do once and then you have it (or idon’thave it). It is a practice of getting rid of negative self-judgments via self-compassion.

We all make mistakes and we all have our faults, but we don’t have to let those imperfections stop us from embracing who we are.

Healing with self-love  is about staying still in the present without negative self-judgments It is about letting yourself be exactly as you are in that moment. We don’t have to find it, or grow it, or figure it out. It is already there when the judgments stop.

There is a light inside of all of us, and the negative self-judgments and fears cloud our view of that light. Other people see it even when we can’t. I wish we treated ourselves as kind as we treat others.

Self-Love is Key in the Healing Process

From 20 years as a secret keeper, I have heard confessions about what everybody is hiding. So, I have the inside scoop: You are NOT different.

We are all walking around with the same fears and insecurities as you. Some of us give it more attention than others. Some of us actively counter it. This is the difference and you have the power.

Watch to learn more…

Healing with Self-Love

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Three Steps to Emotional Freedom

  1. Have self-compassion
  2. Take a step back
  3. Decide what to do

A mantra I use to be more compassionate with myself is, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” I say this no matter what I feel — this compassion takes away the chaos of s

healing with self-love

hame, clearing the way for me to navigate through and make sense of the situation. Now I can get some distance from what happened and view it from outside the chaos.

I go into this in much more depth in my book, You 1 Anxiety 0and I would highly recommend it to help you move through the steps to Emotional Freedom and Healing with Self-Love.

What ways are you Healing with Self-Love?

Share in the comments below.


Keep Calm Coloring Book – Creativity Heals

Coloring, designing, writing, singing, planning…


On my journey to peace, this is what has helped me more than anything else.

Creativity Healed My Anxiety

The one thing that helped me come out of my dark place was getting my mind engaged in projects to take my mind-space away from anxiety and worried ruminations.

I volunteered, re-did furniture, made gifts for people, cooked exotic food, designed jewelry, gardened, learned new things, took classes, read loads of books, organized closets, planned parties, started a business, and much more.

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” English proverb.

And an idle mind is Anxiety’s playground. That is why people often get so nervous in the late evening, (especially children). When they are alone in their beds, there is nothing to think about so often worries and scary thoughts and images infiltrate that blank space.

There is a holistic cure for an idle mind that is accessible to any of us: Getting involved in something creative. Anxiety doesn’t want you to do this. It tells you to stop doing anything “until you get over Anxiety.”


Yes, there are some things that are stressful and that would benefit you to change in your life. Take a break and change those. But when you withdraw from what can make you happy, this usually worsens the problem.

Get my coloring book!

Keep calm coloring book

Grown-up coloring book for your calming pleasure. 27 coloring pages to help improve your brain to calm your anxieties.

The images drawn by Nisha Dissanayake are intuited for your calming pleasure.

My daughter, Lily’s poems have been included because she is so talented. They add a touch of whimsy with a focus on emotional healing.

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Four ways that coloring or creativity helps the brain 

There are four ways that creativity helps the brain and I encourage everybody to take on something creative in their life.

1. Physically Pain starts in the brain rather than the joints or muscles. When people are engaging in a creative activity or social activity, they experience less pain. It also stimulates those parts of the brain that we need stimulating to help us recover from our past.

2. Mentally Doing something takes up that mental space from other stressful things that are often going through our minds.

3. Emotionally When we do something creative, we see the product of our labors and can fell good about it. This helps us trust ourselves and raises our self-confidence.

4. Spiritually Engaging in something creative helps us live out our life purpose. It helps us realize the gifts that we have and share them with the world. We become more connected and more purposeful in our life and this helps us mind, body and soul. This changes the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves.

There are so many creative ways to heal your brain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Me? I like coloring, gardening, writing, scheduling my family’s social activities, keep my house organized, and make herbal remedies, and shoot and edit videos.

Try coloring today with Keep Calm Coloring Book.

What creative projects are you involved in?

writing to heal

Writing to Heal with Sheila Kennedy- Keep Calm Radio – FB LIVE

Writing to Heal

Stories hurt. Through stories, we re-live the pain from our past. That’s why expressing them can be healing. For a few reasons. One is, then you are not alone.

Isolating yourself and keeping negative stories in your head will grow them bigger. Sharing them relieves this. Have you ever heard, “You are only as sick as your secrets.”?  Shame makes us want to hold them in. But this just compounds the shame.

The second reason is that when you share stories, you have an audience to hear, challenge, be inspired, and feel connected to. No matter what you have been through, no matter how you have felt- someone else has been there and felt that too. Not only do you get healing from sharing, the audience receives healing, too.

This is where Sheila Kennedy comes in. Believing everyone has a story to tell, Sheila supports others as they write their wisdom. With Zebra Inc, her publishing company, she helps others speak their stories and impact the world with what they have been called to share. Aside from her daughter, her greatest joy in life is connecting others with the resources and audience they need to succeed.

Listen in as Sheila tells her own story of transformation. Her and I talk about how healing is possible by sharing our stories and also, how connection is so key in helping us grow and serve others in big ways.

Most notably, Sheila shares how she forgave herself. You need this!

Writing to Heal with Sheila Kennedy

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Writing to Heal Using Self-Compassion

So often we color our life stories with shame and guilt. When something negative happens, stories fly through our head — stories about what happened, why it happened, whose fault it was etc.

The stories about the feelings and what happened to bring about those feelings — blaming yourself and blaming others — fill your head and don’t allow you to feel. Without self-compassion, it takes so long to heal. You may think a feeling is unbearable, yet you’re willing to endure years of self-torture.

Our stories can and are changing constantly. We are not tied to anything, rather we can reinvent ourselves and change the story every day.

When we allow ourselves to feel without the old story — just feel — it can go away. Having someone reflect back what we have been telling ourselves for years can help. It can allow us to sift through the muck to uncover the truth: We are not guilty and we do not need to feel ashamed. We are human.

How will you re-write your story to help yourself and others?

end of tunnel

What do you do if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

This blog about the end of the tunnel came from a question from a woman on my Facebook Page about what you can do if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

ask for help end of tunnel


My heart breaks for her

This is such a place of despair that nobody deserves, yet many find themselves. Pain. Hopelessness. Helplessness. I know exactly how she feels. You may have been there, too. It is not fair for anyone to feel so bad.

She typed,

Jodi, what do you do if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

And I feel every crushing word, every desperate letter of it, like it was my heart that was threatening to fade away.

In this video I get serious because I want to make sure I get the message through: I hear you and I understand. I feel horrible that you are suffering.

And there’s hope. Even in the darkest hopelessness. It’s there. Do you know how I know? Because things don’t stay the same.

Things change. And, if they can change, then, they can change in your favor, and you, you have a hand in what happens next. (More on that in my other videos.)

I know you are too tired to figure out what to do, so hold my hand and I can show you.

First, watch this video:

What Do You Do If There is No Light at the End of the Tunnel



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Light At The End of The Tunnel

1. Know that even if it seems like there is no light, even if you can’t see it, or imagine it, it is there anyway.

2. Get out of your head. Do a creative project or help someone else.

3. Ask for some help, from a friend, a helping professional, your pet, or Spirit.

happy soul messages side

4. Get my Happy Soul Messages! Spiritual Therapy for $2.50: Get deep understandings to life’s hardest questions. Learn more and get on the list: Happy Soul Messages.


That’s the first steps for you. It may seem overwhelming to DO ANYTHING. But you have you. Do one little thing and use the energy that gives you to do the next little thing.

And get off that hamster wheel. #2! Get out of your head. There is nothing for you there. Just worries and negative self judgment that takes you in circles. It wipes you out and you get nowhere. When you get off that hamster wheel, think of how much energy you will have to do things that can make you happier, relieved and bring a bit of peace into your day?

It’s time to take care of yourself. Happy Soul Messages.

What do you do if you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel? 

Why You Are Afraid of Other People Judging You- Who Cares What They Think?

If you are human, you care what other people think. You care how other people are judging you. That is because you are only a “self” in relationship. That means your view/understanding of yourself comes from what you see reflected off of people around you.

That’s why, if you are surrounded by negative, mean people, you may not have a good sense of self. You may often be distracted with self-blame, and questioning: Am I enough? Or concluding: Why am I not enough? 

(Even if someone was mean to you in the past, that negative judging of self can stay with you long after the other person is gone.)

Judging: Am I good enough

You are only a self in relationship.

Fear of Judging

When  a lot of people are mean to you, it is understandable to conclude that something is wrong with you. You see yourself as the most common denominator. But remember: People aren’t mean to you because they don’t like you, they are mean to you because they don’t like themselves.

keep calm coloring bookStill wondering why then, so many people are mean to you? It is because MANY, MANY people don’t like themselves. People are judging you because they judge themselves ten times more.

AND, when you have a negative view of yourself, then, you are more sensitive and worried about people judging you. This is because you are judging yourself for the same things. If someone judged you for something you were not already sensitive about it wouldn’t even register for you.

Watch this video to see what I mean, and what to do:

Why you are afraid of other people judging you



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You also have a relationship with yourself. When you are kinder to yourself and more compassionate, less judging, your world changes. Your other relationships change. Your mood changes. You become happy and don’t give a darn what the judgemental people think. You don’t take it inside your heart and you actually have compassion for them.

I share more and DEEPER understandings in my Happy Soul Messages.

Go here to check them out!

What is your biggest take away from this video?