5 Ways To Help Your Child Get Over School Anxiety


School Anxiety

Help Your Child Get Over School Anxiety

The start of the school year is marked with excitement and promise, but it also can be laced with pressure and anxiety. When the latter gets to your children, the mornings can get pretty harried.

Do your mornings start with tears, tummy aches or hard-to-wake teens?

You may be dealing with School Anxiety.

Kids’ anxiety about school begins with a sense of being out of control of their day because they are in an environment where they have to do what they are told — do hard work, be quiet, stay still, and listen. They feel powerless.

They, then, worry that they will feel anxious and uncomfortable and be trapped all day helpless. It is human nature to resist feeling trapped, so it is not strange for your children to beg and plea to stay home.

They are not lazy, they are just “highly motivated to resist.”

This can make you feel CRAZY!

I have good news! There is something that you can do about it. To decrease their school anxiety, you can take these steps to help them feel empowered and in control.

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5 Ways To Help Your Child Get Over School Anxiety

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When our kids have anxiety, we often feel helpless.

Helping kids with anxiety

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This makes us feel anxious!
You can help them feel better using the suggestions in this episode.

To review:

1. Help them feel empowered
2. Offer a carrot
3. Have confidence in them
4. Get them in the door
5. Ease test and performance anxiety

School Anxiety is recoverable. I’ve seen kids get over it all the time!

If you have had trouble with school anxiety or anxiety about going anywhere, what tips can you give other parents and readers?


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lisa thomson-the great escape

This is awesome advice, Jodi! My kids are all grown, mind you my daughter is returning to University so maybe she can use some of these tips. 🙂

Jodi Aman

Thanks, Lisa! I hope it helps a lot of families! <3

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