Top 10 Videos of 2015

Thank you all for watching my favorite videos – all my videos this past year! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!










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Which are your favorite videos?

Time to sit back and celebrate your accomplishments- ALL little ones too- they are amazing and worthy of celebrating. Even getting out of bed is cause for celebration sometimes. Celebrate you this week!

The New Year is a time to re-evaluate your life. I look back over these favorite videos and think, “Wow, I did a lot of good.” Sometimes I don’t know my impact all the time, and I read on the news people who do so much in person help by tutoring refugees or building a school in Africa, and I think, “I can do more.”

As long as I am not thinking that in a judgmental way, it’s cool. It encourages me to look inside and see what I am called to do. I don’t need an amazing life. I just want to walk in this world with my heart open, and give when I feel inspired to.

These favorite videos of 2015 are my song of love, I will keep making more in the coming year. I will listen to my heart and get over my anxieties and keep pushing the record button and speak- hopefully in a way people can hear me.

While you are watching my videos in 2016, open your heart and listen to the message for you.

These videos are a lot of work. Know that I’m committed to sharing these as much as I can, please help my by sharing them with your communities. I can reach a lot of people without your help. Also, as always give me feedback!

You are beautiful and I love you sooooo much! Happy New Year!  


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Videos of 2015”

  1. Your videos are so helpful and motivating. Every time I’m having a hard day, I watch one of your videos and I find strength. Your energy is so contagious! Seriously you are amazing. 2016 is going to be awesome!

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