It is Easy Being Green: 10 Easy Things You Can Do Today for the Earth


10 Easy Things You Can Do Today for the Earth

1. Use cloth napkins for dinner.

2. Bring your own drink or drink container with you today.

3. Eat one whole food instead of a processed snack.

It;s easy being green 10 easy things you can do for the earth


4. Look around you. Mindfully appreciate nature at least once today.

5. Feed an animal. If you do not have a pet, leave a piece of bread for the birds.

6. Take a shorter shower.

7. Recycle something you usually don’t. (i.e., paper price tags and the toilet paper roll)

8. Reuse. Pass clothing you don’t wear to someone who could use it. Reuse the back of paper that comes home from your children’s school.

9. Reduce. Chose one small thing today that you can go without.

10. Research more ways to go green.

40 Tips to Go Green

Going Green Made Easy

What is your favorite way to go green?

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Jackie Paulson (Author)

I have a question? I use white towels in my kitchen and never napkins or paper towels. I figure that I can wash easier…I get them by the dozen cheap…what is your opinion on this ? Is it ok?

Jodi Aman

Of course! This is great! Some people complain that then you use resources to wash them. I find this to be an excuse to continue to use convenient paper towels. They really take up no room in the wash and I am of course washing clothes anyway for my busy family. Perhaps a few extra minutes of my time, but no extra resources! Check where you get them cheap though because the cotton could have had lots of chemicals to grow or there could have been mistreated laborers. Since I find these towels last a long time, it is worth an investment of organic or at least unbleached. Embodied energy is the amount of energy it takes to make a product. Thanks for asking!


Jodi, I have much to catch up on your blog, but may I say I liked this post? It’s always wonderful when we take the time to create awareness or remind, since many time we get caught up in the daily conundrum and forget we can make a difference. I don’t agree with people who think, one person recycling doesn’t have an impact. Every bit helps but we require more willingness from society. I find it sad that some people haven’t woken up to the reality that Earth is dying. Life as we know it will sadly not be the case for future generations. Thank you for reminding us of the simple ways we can make a difference. If there’s something I love about living in Europe, it’s how important recycling is to Europeans. There are recycling bins for glass, paper, and aluminum on practically every block. And we always use cloth napkins, which we reuse, I’m not ashamed to admit! 🙂 Great post, lady!

Jodi Aman

Thanks, Bella!
You just made me think of what an old shaman said when asked about the earth being in trouble: “The earth is so powerful, nothing can hurt her, she’ll just flinch and shake us humans off like bugs when she has had enough.” The earth will outlive us, our efforts are saving ourselves. BTW I also find Europeans way ahead in thinking about recycling, reducing and reusing. Yay!

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