There is Time for Singing


I have been doing work today that I didn’t think I could do alone. I put fencing over the top of the chicken pen so the red-tail hawks, who have been eyeing those plump chickens can’t get at them. Now I know why carpenters need a tool belt. I don’t know how many times I have the yard stick, the plank of wood and the level all perfectly held by my two hands over my head, only to realize the drill was on the ground. OK, I got the drill, all measured again…. where’s the nails? Damn!


indigo girls

Time for a song

Anyway, I have been singing along to the Indigo Girls on my ipod while I worked. And, I realized Amy Ray and Emily Saliers said everything that needed to be said two decades ago. What more needs to be written?

I’ll keep singing and writing and see what happens.

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Kary Spadoni Myers

Emily and Amy continue to speak. I just downloaded Despite our Differences. Love it.

Jodi Aman

I HAVE to get it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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