What is shamanism?


Shamanism is often used to describe a spiritual practice of healing in indigenous cultures. While cultures from around the world vary in practices and belief, there are similarities.

What is Shamanism?

Most notably, shamanic cultures feel a connection to the natural world. They believe that elements, minerals, animals and people have a soul or a spirit. Because they understand that there is a powerful spiritual world beyond the physical world we live in. The Shaman, spiritual healing practitioners of the community can travel there (by going on a shamanic journey within their mind) and access some of the power to affect change in this world, either for healing another, the community or some element of the earth.

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The spiritual or healing of the soul, is what heals the emotional and physical bodies. Avenue of learning and healing often use story telling and ceremony because it is about meaning making to create a new belief. A belief one could be well. (Or as some see it: A reminder that one can be well.)


“My teacher reminded me that 70% of healing is a person’s decision to be well, 20% comes from Spirit and the divinely inspired personal transformation, and 10% is the show that the medicine man puts on to make people think something happened.” Lewis Mahl-Madrona

What are shamanic journeys?

Anyone can try shamanic journeying to connect and get information or healing from inside themselves or the Spiritual world. Most cultures and practitioners use drumming to carry them into altered states of consciousness, where imagination is a key component. You can have someone guide you, like a guided meditation, or journey on your own to see where Spirit takes you. In a journey, we can dream desired worlds and gain the energy to create them.

Shamanism is not so out there! Read this to see how.

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It sounds beautiful. I do believe now in the power of the thoughts. I also believe that dreaming of something good helps make it happen. About the connection to the nature, it’s complicated. It makes me feel so small. There is fear like in front of a super power
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Jodi Lobozzo Aman

Like small and big at the same time, since you are all connected? I think I understand.

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