Zen and Perspective


Perspective Is Everything

Some people from four different religions argued about what God looked like. Each feeling his description was the correct one.  They went to Buddha to settle their dispute.zen and perspective, perspective is everything, effects of perspective

The Buddha asked that they bring him an elephant and four blind men.

He brought the four blind men to the elephant and asked them what the elephant looked like.

The first blind men touched the elephant leg and reported that it “looked” like a pillar.


The second blind man touched the elephant tummy and said that an elephant was a wall.

The third blind man touched the elephant ear and said that it was a piece of cloth.perspective is everything, zen and perspective, perspective is everything

The fourth blind man hold on to the tail and described the elephant as a piece of rope.

The four blind men began to argue that their own perspective was correct.

The Buddha asked the citizens: “Each blind man had touched the elephant but each of them gives a different description of the animal. Which answer is right?”

There are many perspectives to the same object or event. If your view doesn’t work for you, find a different one.

Do you see the effects of your perspective in everything you do? They are there.

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Kelly Hashway

I remember hearing this when I was young. Such a great lesson!
Kelly Hashway recently posted..Monday Mishmash 8/6/12My Profile

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

I hadn’t heard it until recently, but loved it. Sometimes a short story can say so much!


The story illustrates why I love traveling so much, Jodi! Visiting other countries, meeting people from different cultures helps us see the world from many perspectives, not just our own. I’m convinced that cross-cultural understanding can lead to world peace.
Nancy recently posted..I’m in a Hawaiian Island State of MindMy Profile

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

I totally agree! e have to understand each other and acknowledge. This is the key to world peace.
Thank you so much for coming by!

Harleena [email protected] Writer

Loved the example Jodi!

We had this as a short story when we were kids in school and our teacher had asked us what would we have said if were one of the blind men. Each one of us had different answers, because our perspectives were entirely different, just as you mentioned.

Similarly, there can be many ways of looking at a thing, which depends and varies from one person to another. What matters most is what works best for you.

Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

I love this story, too. Sometime we don’t see what is best for us, for others or for the world, but if we can constant invite ourselves above the battleground, maybe this will make a difference!
You are very welcome!

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Louise G

I love this story. It always puts everything into perspective — the right one :)!
Louise G recently posted..Golf Around the Clock makes a differenceMy Profile

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

Thanks Louise! I thought you might enjoy it!

MJ Monaghan

That story so eloquently points out why blogging is so fun and fascinating: Everyone brings a different perspective and we can look at the world differently when we see it through another bloggers eyes.
MJ Monaghan recently posted..The ABC’s of Great Blogging and WritingMy Profile

Ednah Walters

This is so funny, my kids were listening to an audio book of this story tonight. It was in the Listen, Read & Learns with Classica Stories (grade 3). Very good lesson there.
Ednah Walters recently posted..Tame The Editor in You While DraftingMy Profile


I know this story and every time I read it, I like it a little better <3

Lisa Thomson

I like that story. It’s an excellent reminder to think outside the box and get creative when you feel blocked by the same problem. Thanks, Jodi!
Lisa Thomson recently posted..Music TherapyMy Profile

My Inner Chick

—I read this years ago…and it has always struck a deep chord in me.

So worth reading again…& again…

Love to you, Dear Jodi Xxx
My Inner Chick recently posted..Broken & WinglessMy Profile


I love this story!! So true:)

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

Thanks Bridget!

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