How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression abounds after crisis. I didn't know how important this post would be today. Sometimes life events - some close and some very far away - could have us really feeling helpless and worried. "Helpless" and "worried" don't play nice together [...] Read more

Why is it so hard to heal?

Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety or depression? This breaks my heart. I see so many people wish they can end their struggle with emotional pain and difficult relationships. They don't get why they still feel so bad despite all [...] Read more

Ease trauma by giving back

Meet Heather Lagoe. She is awesome and you will see why after you watch our video. I met Heather in the airport a few weeks ago and it was as if our souls recognized each other. We chatted like we [...] Read more

You belong. Period.

Big Mistake #2: Thinking you are different Do you think that you are different? Yeah, me too. Of course you are uniquely you in an awesome way. There is no one exactly like you in the world. You are special, [...] Read more