How To Forgive and Let Go of Your Past

Forgiveness. Failure is epidemic. Do you know why? It’s not because people are inadequate. It’s because they think they are. We have some impossible standards that we measure ourselves against. And this has us beating ourselves up, blaming ourselves, and [...] Read more

You Are Allowed To Feel

"You are allowed to feel! You are allowed!" I was "giving permission" to Betty, a client who was attempting to allow herself to be angry for the first time.  She closed her eyes tight, tried to breathe, and stay with [...] Read more

Raising Girls Self-Esteem

Help your daughter by helping yourself Talk about cutting right to the core of my own experiences! This video is something I feel so strong about since it is personal for me on many levels. I grew up watching the [...] Read more

Why saying please is so important

We were all taught when we were little to say "please", but why is it such an important word to add to every conversation? I'll tell you in this video... Tweet: Saying please shows a person that they matter [...] Read more

Do you believe in miracles?

Were you ever part of miracles happening? There is something about witnessing the uplifting of a soul, that changes how you see the world. My world was changed this weekend. I believe in miracles. Words can almost not describe the [...] Read more

Why you take things personally

"Sometimes when people think they're putting obstacles in your path, they're actually laying your stepping-stones. You just got to recognize them as one and the same" ~Daniel Black  "Perfect Peace" Do you take things personally?  Something goes wrong in your [...] Read more