Finding Your Purpose for 2016

Want help finding your purpose for 2016? I do! I do! I am here to help! Here is my yearly ritual for finding your purpose. It helps me get crystal clear on how I want to spend my time and energy in [...] Read more

What is The Meaning of Life?

Are you noticing the inspiration all around you? Because that is how you get joy out of life. You experience what you pay attention to. This is what I am paying attention to: • A man is grateful to rejoin [...] Read more

My 5 Rules for Life

I spent so long thinking that I just had to live the life that I have been dealt -- sad, self-conscious, anxious, and lonely–that these things became the truth of who I was. Then, they became the lens through which [...] Read more

De-Mystifying Self-Love

Do you know how to feel self-love? This is so evasive because we put so much meaning around it. I had a client who was following a guided meditation where he was asked to touch his heart and feel love [...] Read more

How to protect yourself from negative energy

Horrible, unspeakable stories dominate the news; people are all walking around defeated and struggling; our efforts are met with disappointment; loss is everywhere; and negative voices continue to infiltrate our minds. We are engulfed with negativity day in and day out. [...] Read more