Detoxing the Hungry Ghost

Join me for this Live Healing Transmission on December 16 at 7 PM Eastern

We will be releasing energetic imprints of Personal, Collective, and Ancestral Trauma that is making you, your clients, your family, your students, and the world feel cuckoo right now.

Release it, so we don't carry it into 2021. 

To join this class, kindly make a $25 donation to FOODLINK via my More and more people are literally undernourished during this economic crisis. As we learn to release our insatiable hungry ghosts, we can feed and protect our neighbors from suffering.

(((This is not automated. When you donate, I get the list by hand from Paypal and will send you a link, so don't think it is wrong if it takes me hours to confirm your registration!)))

Conscious Leadership Coming Soon!

Transform Yourself. Guide the Future.

De-mystifying the effects of the modern world on people's wellbeing.

Teaching how to guide empowered, motivated, and emotionally resilient world citizens.

For Helping Professionals, Parents, Educators, and Managers

who want the magic to raise the vibration of this Sacred Generation and Soothe the World.

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