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“Jodi Aman is a warm and enthusiastic presenter who gives her audience an energetic jump-start on their healing journeys. I’ve known Jodi and watched her in action for many years. She empowers individuals and audiences to soar, to take the actions necessary to fulfill their wildest dreams.”

~John Perkins

NY Times Best-Selling Author of

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

jodi aman press kit

Jodi Aman (pronounced “Ay-min”)


Story Ideas

Keep Calm in Crazy World. How to handle tragedy, pain and loss in our families and communities. Two practical ways to think about trouble and maintain peace of mind during and after chaos.
Is Your Child Afraid of Everything? Why kids’ anxiety is at epidemic proportions and how to reverse the outbreak.
Good Morning, Boss! How to knock out workplace anxiety and excel at your job.
Anxiety and its BFF Anger. How are they related? Break down the alliance to eliminate their power.
Conversations Every Family Should Have about Violence. Why do people commit violence? How do you talk to children about what has happened or could happen.
The Lies That Anxiety Tells. Anxiety doesn’t play fair. It steals away the best parts of you. Don’t let it keep cheating you out of happiness!
Happy Moms = Happy Kids. One simple life change to boost your energy and transform your family.
Stress vs Anxiety. What’s the difference? Here’s what you need to know so you can feel better.
It’s NOT just how you are wired. Stop letting anxiety rule your life.
Bye, Bye, Cell Phone! How digital overload is overtaking our days and creating anxiety in all aspects of life.
Don’t Let Winter Roads Stress You Out. Snow is no reason to panic.


“Jodi Aman empowers and energizes everyone around her.” ~Barbara Marx Hubbard

Recent Interviews


Nov 4: Election Anxiety

Fox Election Anxiety


FF to my interview at 15:10.

What to do about School Anxiety


About Me

Jodi Aman knows people. She is a practicing psychotherapist who has worked with 35 people a week for 20 years in Rochester NY. She got her Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996 and has studied and taught Narrative Therapy around the world focusing on trauma and anxiety recovery.

Jodi films and edits her own YouTube channel and has five online courses with a focus on getting rid of anxiety and empowering people to have more joy in their lives. She plays herself in The Secrets of the Keys self-help movie.

Jodi knows anxiety. In her youth she was immobilized by her own panic and anxiety, yet she clawed her way back to life, and taught herself to master happiness. In her bestselling book You 1, Anxiety 0, she shows readers how to win their life back from fear and panic, helping them find peace.

As an inspirational speaker, she helps audiences make sense of their lives. She shows how to shift thinking, change unwanted situations, and finally stop the out-of-control downward spiral by releasing that internal self-critic.

Most self-help authors tell you what to do. Jodi shows you.

For Introducing ME Bio

Jodi Aman (pronounced Ay-minhas been a psychotherapist for over 20 years, helping clients recover from every problem in the book.  Having clawed her way out of her own anxiety and depression, Jodi shares her story of personal transformation and that of many of her clients in her best selling book, You 1,  Anxiety 0- Win your life back from fear and panic. Jodi will be teaching at 1440 Multiversity, in Santa Cruz, in June where she will teach participants how to release fears, stay calm, make sense of life’s chaos, feel peace and master happiness in life. Through her popular blog and YouTube Channel, Jodi has shared her message with thousands of followers all over the world.

Show Notes Bio

Jodi Aman wrote the bestseller, You 1, Anxiety 0 to help people WIN their life back from fear and panic. With sharp empathy into the complexities of people’s pain–since she has recovered from her own family chaos and panic attacks–and a keen understanding of how and why people get stuck there, Jodi has decided to dedicate her life to helping people feel less lonely and afraid.

Find her at Check out her videos at Get inspired on Instagram @JodiAmanLove. Or feel loved on Facebook:


Recent Radio Interviews


“Thanks for being my voice of reason for me in times of strife. I have learned so much from you videos. Especially the ‘Forgive and Let Go!’ one. Wow! That was powerful. I am practicing. It takes time and effort but so worth my while.”

~ Lee


You 1, Anxiety 0: Win Your Life Back From Fear and Panic


“Sorry Anxiety, you lose!”

Anxiety doesn’t play fair. It antagonizes you. It lies to you. It steals away the best parts of you. Don’t let it keep cheating you out of happiness! You are too important.

In You 1, Anxiety 0, Jodi Aman highlights the ways anxiety manipulates and entraps us, and the precise tools we can use to see through anxiety’s mind tricks and break free from the prison of fear, stress and doubt.

All bets are off. It’s time for you. Anxiety is curable. Even if you’ve had it forever. Even if therapy hasn’t worked. Even if you feel hopeless.

This book speaks to why you suffer from anxiety, exposes the tricks anxiety uses to get power, and shares the skills you need to empower yourself and retrain your brain.

Most self-help authors tell you what to do. Jodi shows you how.


The Secrets of the Keys


Self-Help Movie

Writer/producer Robin Jay featured Jodi as one of 13 international experts – along side Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Michael B. Beckwith, & don Miguel Ruiz – in her self-help film The Secrets of the Keys released in 2016. Jodi spoke about the Key of Empathy in this transformational movie on dealing with crisis, negotiating business and understanding relationships.


Jodi, I’m SO grateful to have you share your profound message in the film! I know it will help countless people around the world. The Key of Empathy is essential to successful interactions with others. XOXOXO”

~ Robin Jay, Producer of The Secret of the Keys.


Interview Questions

1. As a psychotherapist, what is the most common problem people come to you for? How do you help them?
2. You’ve had your own experience with anxiety. Can you tell us about that time? What was the best advice you got that helped things turn around for you?
3. Are you cured?
4. What is the single best thing you can do for a panic attack? What is the best daily practice for self-confidence?
5. Why is your book “You 1, Anxiety 0” different from others?
6. How do you know when you are just stressed or if you have anxiety? When do you know you need help?
7. Why do people get anxiety in the first place?
8. How are happy people different from unhappy people?
9. What are the secrets to happiness?
10. What is the last tip you can share with us about how to feel better in your life?


“Garnering strength each time I spend with Professor Jodi, I come away from every session feeling very empowered and kind of special too…”

~ Nanette


Direct to camera, extemporaneous, short speeches