Relationship transformation for whole body, whole family, whole mission living

Emotional, mental & sexual healing to
galvanize a full and meaningful life

For high powered couples who want to heal from the past, deepen their intimacy and up-level their love so they can kick ass in the rest of their life.

Want to expand your magic?

Deep-Dive Couples Counseling with Jodi Aman, LCSW

Feel overwhelm or misalignment in your family, relationship or work?

Did tons of healing the past, but ready to release its effects on your relationship?

Do you feel like your partner doesn't see you or understand you?

You are successful, but want it to experience closeness and intimacy at home? 

Want your most significant relationship to work for you instead of against you? 

Want to experience affection, sensation and sexuality that heals your mind and body?

Want your life mission to include your partner and/or kids?

Not sure yet? Keep reading.

I am here for you. Anywhere you are.

Let's get you on a supportive, empowered path to sustainable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness by healing the problems in this relationship.

In couples counseling,

  • I'll show you how to improve how you give and receive support, how to deeply understand each other and how to feel more love than you ever have before.
  • You will heal you as individuals, and you as a couple, creating a stronger bond together that continues to uplift and sustain happiness.
  • We'll deep dive into your intimacy issues and any emotional blocks that keep you from full-bodied conscious pleasure relationship that you deserve.  so you can have the life, family, career, adventures that you deserve. If I can oversimplify it without YOUR unique specifics, in the first three months...

I learn about who you are as you and as you together as we step into the matrix of your life. We discover the beauty and uniqueness of your souls, despite all that has happened to you and between you. We decide if there is anything hanging about that doesn't serve you, and then, we clear it.

Next, we find out what you love, enjoy and desire about each other. And we breathe life into it by negotiating a plan to bring it to you with practical steps of implementation, and spiritual and mental support to sustain it.

Last and most importantly, you practice. (And begin to enjoy supportive, magic and full-bodied loving.)

In just a few minutes, Jodi opened my eyes to something I didn't even realize I had been holding onto for years. She even made me realize the root of my problem had nothing to do with what anxiety attached to (which made me fear talking my problem out for years). That helped me overcome the fear to face the problem immediately. By the end of the session, Jodi had me actually laughing about my problem."  ~Kylie R.

Relationship transformation for whole body,
whole family, whole mission living

What? Emotional, mental & sexual healing to galvanize a full and meaningful life.

Who? For high powered couples who want to heal from the past, deepen their intimacy and up-level their love so they can kick ass in the rest of their life.

Where? On Zoom Video or In-person

When? For 3-12 months: One 2-hour session + two 1-hour sessions per month + text support.

What? Transportation from where you are to where you want to be. Specifically, it looks like...

Components of Conscious Couples Counseling

  1. Deepest desire inventory and acknowledgment
  2. Deepest fear/resentment inventory and release
  3. Trauma and past understanding and release
  4. Worth and value acknowledgement
  5. Relationship parameters negotiation
  6. Friends and family negotiation and integration
  7. Leaning in to the yellow zone
  8. Self-care
  9. Parter care (love language)
  10. Self-pleasure
  11. Mutual pleasure
  12. Alchemical sex


For the first three months of our work together you will disintegrate, release, and re-story relationship and personal trauma and up-level, re-learn or re-claim your emotional resilience with couples counseling and a healing tailored to re-rendering your soul experiences and imprints. Basically, you will learn how to let go, so your loving and wise voice is at the wheel. At the end of Transmutation, you can opt into another three months with me called


During months 4-6, initiate as your own healers for yourselves and for each other. You'll make peace with your shadows, deepen trust in each other, and develop an understanding of each other's needs and wishes. You will feel they can support you as you gain a big picture view of your relationship in the context of your family, work, and community. At the end of Transcension, you can opt into another three months with me devoted to


During months 7-9, discover and integrate the spiritual mysteries to support your body, your relationship, and your mission. This is not ham-sandwich life & career advice from a new age "coach" who took an online class for a year. This is a sacred mentorship from a Crone Counselor and a Perennial Partner to guide the emergence of your own magic. At the end of Transmission, you can opt into another three months with me called


During months 10-12, integrate alchemical practices to recognize yourself in your true form, in adoration of how you're meant to be, grow and contribute in and to this life. Dedicate and ground your work with active pleasure.

The minimum commitment to our work is three months.

Quadrants are emergent rather than linear. Our work is specifically tailored to your journey; we go as fast or as slow as you're willing.   

PLUS All Access Pass to Online Content and Resources on:

• Radical Self-Compassion: Healing the past and present
• Conscious Living
• Conscious Parenting
• Conscious Coupling


Since 1996...

I’ve been a licensed clinical psychotherapist.

In essence, I counsel couples on how to heal personal and family trauma, increase intimacy and abundance in relationships, create balance in their lives, expand their consciousness and have a deeper understanding of the world so they are more successful in their mission. Using intuition, I get to the root of things efficiently. Each consultation has impact to shift what you havent been able to get to.  Fortunately, this swiftness doesn't mean painful. I work in a love paradigm, where healing is joyful instead of painful.

As I get to know your souls, and learn what tenacious and unique people you are. We'll dissolve the seen and unseen issues that block your full personal and relationship potential. You'll each leave our sessions so lighter because we have dissolved conflict. You'll each feel deeply understood, validated and unburdened, because I am on the side of the relationship not just one of you or the other. You'll each be invigorated for the next steps to create the relationships you want and deserve.

Also, I am a Perennial Partner. I have been in a super-conscious relationship (also since 1996) - yes, this kind of relationship is possible! This method emerged from doing and being all the way in it.  

Get to know me live!
jodi aman

Rochester NY

I was concerned I wouldn’t get the “full” experience with my therapy session being over the phone. My concerns were unfounded. It was amazing and well worth it. Don’t hesitate to give Jodi a try–even if you can’t get to her location. She totally “gets it” and can find the root of the problem. She knows where your mind goes and where it needs healing! I truly believe she’s one of the best out there.

jodi aman

Rochester NY

I just had my first appointment with Jodi and was absolutely impressed. Talking with her is very comfortable and easy. She is very enlightening and thought provoking. I left the appointment feeling empowered to take control of my stressors and anxiety and positive about my future. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.

jodi aman

Geneva NY

Jodi has the ability to lift me out of those dark places I find myself in sometimes. She has the knowledge and background to relieve my mind helping me to find hope when hope eludes me with compassion, understanding and empathy.

jodi aman

Cape May NJ

I chose Jodi based on her book, videos, Web site and more, and have nothing but positive things to say. She really knows about anxiety and shares openly with care and compassion. She has been a great “cheerleader” for me and I keep her words in mind day to day. Big thanks to Jodi

Ditch Toxic Stress and Connect to Your Higher Wisdom →

Jodi Aman, LCSW

I give people practical tools to break down the hold negative experiences and energy have on their lives. Once invited to the big-picture view, they understand what is happening. From here, they can break free from emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering, and step into harmony, connection, self-love, and magic in their lives, relationships and careers.

As a psychotherapist for 23 years, I've consulted individuals, couples, and families locally in Rochester NY, and all over the world. I teach internationally to conferences, schools, and universities on Developing Diamond Confidence, Finding Your Purpose and Expanding Consciousness in Relationships, Business and Life.  I train therapists, counselors, and psychologists in Spiritual Psychology, Narrative Therapy, and Activating their Intuition.

Because I clawed my way out of my own emotional turmoil, I totally get it. As a mom trying to raise humans in this crazy world, I double-dog get it. Through my TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids” and my best selling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, I am changing the way we understand our emotional resiliency. Grab my new book, Anxiety...I'm So Done with You! A Teen's Guide To Ditching Toxic Stress and Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness!


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