IMAET Treatments: Frequency healing for allergy elimination and illness recovery

Local and Distant Healing with a Biofeedback Machine


The I.M.A.E.T. (Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology) biofeedback machine was created by Dr. Barnard Straile of BioGen Techonolgies, based on his decades of work with NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques), so that this transformative healing can be delivered with greater accuracy by more practitioners. IMAET technology works here.

My family and I have been treated with NAET and IMAET from Dr. Straile for over 15 years so I have embodied the epigenetic technology. After completing my IMAET certification in May 2019 with Dr. Straile, I have witnessed miraculous healings in the clients, friends, and family that I treat with the IMAET machine.

Epigenetic technology means it heals at the level of genetic expression. It works to harmonize disharmonies it finds in the body, either around food sensitivities or allergies, dormant bacteria or viruses, nerve issues, ancestral trauma, meridians, and so much more.

⬇︎ Biofeedback can be in-person or remotely! Fill in the form for vaccine detox or ten-session treatment package. 

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