Local Psychotherapy with Jodi Aman

Trauma, Anxiety and Transions Healing and Support for Your Mind, Body and Soul

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FORMER CLIENTS: If you are a former client of mine, please email me at jodi@jodiaman.com to re-engage. (Please note, I temporarily don't have a physical office so I'm only doing telehealth.)

NEW-TO-ME CLIENTS: I am currently in a full-time doctoral program, so I am not accepting new local clients. If you love my energy from what you have seen of me online and want to get some help, there are three options, 1) hire me as an online coach, 2) join my ACTIVATE Support Group, 3) register for one of my self-study personal development courses.

⬅ Also, I go live on Facebook every Monday at 11 am E! 

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Rochester NY

I was concerned I wouldn’t get the “full” experience with my therapy session being over the phone. My concerns were unfounded. It was amazing and well worth it. Don’t hesitate to give Jodi a try–even if you can’t get to her location. She totally “gets it” and can find the root of the problem. She knows where your mind goes and where it needs healing! I truly believe she’s one of the best out there.


Rochester NY

I just had my first appointment with Jodi and was absolutely impressed. Talking with her is very comfortable and easy. She is very enlightening and thought provoking. I left the appointment feeling empowered to take control of my stressors and anxiety and positive about my future. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.


Geneva NY

Jodi has the ability to lift me out of those dark places I find myself in sometimes. She has the knowledge and background to relieve my mind helping me to find hope when hope eludes me with compassion, understanding and empathy.


Cape May NJ

I chose Jodi based on her book, videos, Web site and more, and have nothing but positive things to say. She really knows about anxiety and shares openly with care and compassion. She has been a great “cheerleader” for me and I keep her words in mind day to day. Big thanks to Jodi


Rochester NY

Jodi always seem to know what to say. I am very thankful to have a nonjudgmental and realistically funny therapist. Anyone needs to talk to someone that will actually help, Jodi is it!


Irondequoit NY

We love seeing Jodi – she is kind, informative and effective. If you have anxiety, depression, abuse issues or anything else. See Jodi!



I have been going to Jody for about 6 years. She has helped me deal with anxiety with major things and small. I will never go to anyone else. Seriously the best out there!

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