Highsight 20-20

Activate and Integrate Your Intuition into Your Healing Practice

A 6-week intensive course in Rochester NY for therapists, psychologists, coaches and counselors to help you integrate intuition into therapy practice.

with Jodi Aman, LCSW-R

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Mondays 12-1:30 PM, Starting Nov 4

25 Canterbury Rd

Call or text 585 233 8979 to register!

Imagine Your Intuition Working With You

Imagine if you integrated your deepest intuition into your daily practice with clients...

You would have answers to their biggest questions such as
       “Why does this happen to me?”
       “What is the purpose of suffering?"
       "Why do people do that?"
Seeing the whole picture, you could swiftly help someone through a hidden obstacle they haven't been able to access before.

Intuition Enhances Compassion

You'd *see* your client's lived experience exactly and uniquely as your client does.
And, you'd understand how your clients fit into a larger context and can help them heal their community as well as themselves.
Getting the view from the inside, you could transform the story of their experience from the front-row seat.
When your clients bring you information about their astrology chart, their alternative practitioners, dreams, or signs from a loved one, you'd KNOW how to integrate and maximize the impact.
You would have access to the life purpose, the other players' perceptions, and the big picture of what your clients come to you about.

Most importantly, as a midwife to the new paradigm, intuition helps you heal the WHOLE person in the ENTIRE content.

HighSight 2020 - Actviate and Integrate Your Intuition

  • One 1-1 private deep dive session with Jodi
  • 6 weekly in-person 90-minute live training sessions
  • 6 weeks of intuitive development coursework
  • Also, a Private Facebook Group to exchange ideas

Mondays 12-1:30 PM, Nov 4 - Dec 23, 2019 25 Canterbury Rd, 3rd fl.

Call or text Jodi to register! 585 233 8979

Commit now to efficient and aligned client sessions. (And fortunately, better healing and intuition for yourself, too!)

6-Week Intuitive Therapy Intensive in Rochester, NY. For therapists, psychologists, coaches, counselors, and other helpers to open the doorway to efficient and aligned deep healing.

Space is limited

Call or text Jodi to register! 

585 233 8979

Six Live Intuition Developing Sessions: Teach, demonstrate, and practice

1st Week: "You are here!"  In other words, starting from where you are: Staying in the present moment, practicing self-trust and big-picture listening.

2nd Week: Nourishing Your Connection and Protection through consistent, prioritized self-care, radiating and gratitude practices.

3rd Week: Leggo Your Ego! Safely sidestepping the ego. Get full clarity into your client's story matrix. For example, understanding the difference between fear and intuition.

4th Week: Body Language: For instance, how to interpret what the body is trying to say through physical symptoms.

5th Week: Helping Clients Through Loss.

6th Week: Re-Indigenising: Connecting to nature and the elements as a pathway for healing.

jodi aman

Jodi Aman

A psychotherapist for over 20 years, Jodi facilities personal and communal upleveling for the mind, body, and soul. Her popular YouTube channel, Practical Miracles, inspires thousands of people all over the world get clarity, evolve past fear, expand their consciousness, and live with vitality. Having clawed her way out of her own emotional crisis, Jodi shares her story of stepping into her personal power, and that of many of her clients in her best selling book, You 1,  Anxiety 0- Win your life back from fear and panic. She teaches how to change limiting beliefs, calm life’s chaos, create miracles and embody happiness in life.

“People don’t just heal their mental body and “done.” They have to heal in their emotional body, in their physical body, and in their spiritual body.”


Receive the wisdom to...

Keep the blessing of your empathy and let go of the curse.
Get out of your own way so that you improve access to wisdom and guidance can come through.
Help clients reconnect after a loss.
Elevate your clients above the battlefield where they can understand the matrix of their story.
Help them make meaning around a situation that aligns with the healing their soul is craving.
Co-author a new preferred identity that tethers them to a fulfilling life purpose.

Reflect Back Their True Self

Be a spiritual mentor to assist the dark night of the soul.
Have access to the thoughts of other players in the story.
Open the narrow view to a big-picture view.
Give them the tools to heal themselves and what matters to them in the world.
Help them integrate their new identity through all of their bodies.
Separate pain from suffering, and get folks connected to their own intuition and inner wisdom.
Deliver hope and a compass & end the cyclic negative thinking with a way OFF the hamster wheel.

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