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& Create Magic in Your Life, Relationships and Career!

Ready for anxiety-free, present-tense, full-frontal happiness?

Anxiety Recovery Training

New Course! Handling & Overcoming Coronavirus Anxiety

Anxiety-Free Me! Online Anxiety Recovery Program

Anxiety-Free Kids! Helping Kids Shrink Anxiety

Ditch Toxic Stress and Connect to Your Higher Wisdom →

Everything you need to know to cut out toxic people, to know whom to trust, and engage in the relationships of your dreams.

Learn how to let go of the past, plan for your future, and handle life in the present! Embrace your confidence to maximizing your potential.

Learn how to start developing your intuition so you can feel empowered, grounded, and mentally robust in relationships, and in life!

Udemy Courses

  • Handling Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Clarsentience: Being sensitive in a harsh world
  • Claircognizance: Connecting to higher wisdom
  • Helping Kids and Teens with Anxiety
  • Driving Anxiety Recovery
  • Stop Negative Thinking with Strategic Affirmations
  • Forgive Yourself and Others Masterclass
  • Clear Your Mind at Night! Sleep Meditations for Anxiety
  • Happiness, Connection, and Love
  • Living Free Guided Meditations
  • Parenting for a Robust Emotional and Mental Health


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Listen to what people are saying

jodi aman
Anxiety-Free Brian

Age 20

I want to express to you the utmost gratitude for helping me through the worst depressive/anxious episode of my life. For 3 months I could barely function, & the mental anguish was nearly unbearable, but you were the only thing that gave me concrete instructions for pulling myself out of the rut I was in. I have no doubt that without you (and the effort I put in to beat this) I would still be in that awful place today, or worse– dead. In short, your book and videos saved my life.  It rekindled that spark of hope for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

jodi aman
Anxiety-Free Bev

Age 45

Jodi, thank you for having me in your anxiety coaching group. It has taken me almost a year to have the courage to reach out to you for help. I have and read your book and love it. I have never had anyone explain anxiety as you do. I’ve been to counseling a few times and it didn’t really help. I am so glad I found you.

jodi aman
Anxiety-Free Veronica

Age 29

Before I met Jodi I was having anxiety symptoms for a few months already. I was scared of it, which created more and more anxiety and tension. I tried therapy and several natural remedies, which only help for a while. I still believed the lies anxiety wanted me to. Jodi is different in her approach – she knows her stuff. She taught me about my brain and hormones and knowing this helped me not to be afraid of the anxiety symptoms anymore. They have no power over me now and I know I can handle them.

Jodi Aman, LCSW

I give people practical tools to break down the negative stories of their lives. Once invited to the big-picture view, they understand what is happening. From here, they can break free from emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering, and find harmony, peace, self-love, and connection.

As a psychotherapist for 23 years, I consult individuals, kids, and families locally in Rochester NY, and all over the world. I speak internationally to conferences, schools, and universities helping Gen Z, their parents, and helpers feel worthy, empowered, and in control. I train therapists, counselors, and psychologists in Spiritual Psychology, Narrative Therapy, and Activating their Intuition.

Because I clawed my way out of my own emotional turmoil, I totally get it. As a mom of teens, I double-dog get it. Through my TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids” and my best selling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, I am changing the way we understand stress and anxiety. Grab my new book, Anxiety...I'm So Done with You! A Teen's Guide To Ditching Toxic Stress and Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness!

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