Activate and Develop Your Intuition

Since the world feels out of control with this COVID-19 pandemic, polarization, global warming, an increase in anxiety, depression, and toxic stress, you need, more than ever, to get yourself grounded, so you can get your life back under control.

Especially, if you are one of the helpers (you are counseling, healing, coaching, body-working, parenting, or caregiving others.)

There are times that you may find yourself desperately desiring to connect to your inner guidance system in order to survive, adapt, and thrive in an uncertain future. It takes cosmic and earth wisdom to expand your consciousness and deepen your roots so that you KNOW the steps to move forward.

Your intuition is speaking to you...

Actually, You may have access to your intuition, but you want to grow your skills so that you can serve at your highest level in this current situation.

Or, you might be new and know that activating your intuition is essential in this climate. Either way.

It's time to get EMPOWERED instead of holding the worries of the world, helpless to change course for you, your family and community.

Sensitive and empathic loves, your intuition is calling,

Again, being a highly sensitive person (HSP) right now is overwhelming!

You are feeling the collective grief vulnerable to the negative or intense energy around you. With the current health crisis going on, the stress and anxiety that this isolation, divisiveness, and worry are affecting you on every level. On top of this, being sensitive can feel like a great burden that you don't deserve.

Unfortunately, it can, kind of, feel like a curse. (It's not, but it often feels like it.)

When you feel called to serve but think you have to do it from that vulnerable place, it can feel like a great sacrifice. It depletes you.

Instead, serving from an empowered, strong, trusting place of abundance highly vibrates your soul because it is living its greatest purpose.

Being a highly sensitive person means you have greater access to your inner guidance system. When you know how to bring this fully online, rather than feel like a burden, being an HSP or an empath will feel like a divine blessing.

My dear soul siblings,

Would you like to develop the blessings of these deeply helpful intuitive gifts – getting spiritual support in all areas of your life – AND release the "curse"?

Are you longing to hear the whispers of your heart so that you are ready for your next right step?

If You Can Fully Depend on Your Intuition, You Can 

  • Make swift aligned decisions
  • Help yourself and others heal
  • Know what your loved-ones need
  • Understand that you are not alone
  • Act in the highest good of all
  • Make sense of other's people's thoughts and actions
  • Feel calm and stay intentional, even amidst crisis or tragedy



Have you had it with life supplying more questions than answers?

What if your intuition was consistently available at delivering aligned, understandable answers to...

... why "it" happened ... how to understand "it" ... how to think about "it" ... what to do next ... what caused it ... & where to get help ...

plus consistent support and spiritual direction for your life purpose as it relates to yourself, your family, your community, and your career?

In this comprehensive Activate  & Develop Your Intuition Course you will develop the blessings of these deeply helpful gifts – getting spiritual, emotional, and practical support in all areas of your life – AND release the curse. You need to minimize your stress during this. Plus no-one can afford to make time - or money-loss mistakes right now! Join the

Activate and Develop Your Intuition Course

& start the 5-week deep-dive Transmissional e-Course right away!

Here is what you get in this 5-week comprehensive self-study program: 

You will embark on a 5-week journey of in-depth modules that include videos, downloadable resources, worksheets, and exercises to activate and develop your intuition. Transmissional means that the videos have energy in them often felt while watching that activates your "intuitive DNA."

It is cognitive, social, spiritual, physical and emotional training.

1st Module: What is Your Intuition? 

  • What is Intuition
  • Solving and Dissolving the Ego Interruptions.
  • Spiritual and Intuitive Tools
  • Getting to Know the Clairs
  • Staying Safe When you Work with Energy

2nd Module: Get Aligned 

  • Clearing Your Clutter
  • Creating Your Highest Destiny Altar
  • Expanding Your Day and Impact
  • Your Personal Signs from the Divine

3rd Module: Get Consistent 

  • Which Clair Are You? Practicing All of Them
  • Channeled Writing
  • Connecting to Your Divination Tool
  • Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions
  • Spirit Guides, Angels and More

4th Module: Get Healing 

  • Helping Others (Tonglen Breath)
  • Loving People Up to You
  • Understanding Suffering
  • Connecting with Lost Loved Ones

5th Module: Get Connected 

  • Helping Yourself Heal Physically
  • Interpreting Dreams
  • Finding Your Purpose & Intentional Planning
  • Building Community
  • Living in Ceremony and Making Offerings

Your intuition is part of you. It's designed specifically to serve you, to guide you, and help you feel empowered as you navigate every aspect of your personal and professional life and mission.

Your intuition is ready...are you?

I give people practical tools to break down the hold negative experiences and energy have on their lives. Once invited to the big-picture view, they understand what is happening. From here, they can break free from emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering, and step into harmony, connection, self-love, and magic in their lives, relationships, and careers.

As a psychotherapist for 24 years, I've consulted individuals, couples, and families locally in Rochester NY, and all over the world. I teach internationally to conferences, schools, and universities on Developing Diamond Confidence, Finding Your Purpose, and Expanding Consciousness in Relationships, Business, and Life. I train therapists, counselors, and psychologists in Spiritual Psychology, Narrative Therapy, and Activating their Intuition.

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Because I clawed my way out of my own emotional turmoil, I totally get it. As a mom trying to raise humans in this crazy world, I double-dog get it. Through my TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids” and my best-selling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, I am changing the way we understand our emotional resiliency.

My new book, Anxiety...I'm So Done with You! A Teen's Guide To Ditching Toxic Stress and Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness! was named winner of the 2020 Best of Rochester Award!

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