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Heal Personal & Collective & Trauma from the Mind, Body, and Soul

Take a deep dive and expand your skills with the Spiritual Psychology framework in this 13-week ONLINE professional training program for therapists, coaches, and practitioners. (CEUs available.)

The world needs this healing... especially right now!

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Do you feel your clients suffering, and while you know you are helping, you also feel like there might be a little more you can offer to heal the trauma, more efficiently and effectively, on all the levels they feel it?

Your clients' needs are increasing as they plow through this pandemic which is creating more grief & trauma as well as triggering trauma from their past.

Climbing this uphill battle is going to take practitioners like you to know how to guide people out of the chaos to greener pastures.

You need to help people heal trauma from all of their bodies:

  • Physical Body Healing Your issues are in your tissues! Learn somatic and elemental healing techniques.
  • Emotional Body Healing You are allowed to feel! Learn vibrational and mindful ways to step out of the story, deeply witness, and release unwanted emotions.
  • Mental Body Healing The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Learn narrative, memory, and neuropsychological approaches to transform beliefs, thought patterns, and identity conclusions.
  • Spiritual Body Healing You are not alone! Understand the big-picture view and everyone's place in it. Heal ancestral & soul trauma. Activate intuition and divine purpose using earth wisdom and astrology.

Expand Yourself.
Guide the Future.

Everything you need in one place. You'll heal yourself, your family, and your clients. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed trying to balance your work and personal life. You want to be a more effective healer and leader but you have no idea how to do that when the world feels more out of control than ever.

  1. Gain clarity in understanding the big-picture and everyone’s place in it.
  2. Understand the troubles people face and remove even unseen obstacles.
  3. Learn the skills you need to heal yourself & your clients from personal, collective, and ancestral trauma.
  4. Guide your clients to deeply trust themselves and become their own healers.
  5. Learn practical solutions to transform yourself, your families, and communities.
  6. Develop sacred practices that connect you to the earth and cosmos to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

And so much more…

Conscious Leadership

Learn the effects of the modern world on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing.
Help your families, clients, and communities transform pain into empowerment, motivation, and emotional resilience.

Thanks Jodi!
"Jodi has been exceptionally helpful in assisting me to put together new offerings for my practice and to build my skills related to coaching, speaking, and online work with clients. She is always practical, and encouraging, and you can tell she truly cares! Thanks Jodi!"
Kelly Beins
OT, Director
"I Have been working with Jodi for some time now and I highly recommend her. Jodi is wise, empathetic, and non-judgemental. She will hear more than your words and surprise you with her insights. All the while you are speaking with her she is working her own special magic on your behalf beyond the apparent."
I absolutely love Jodi!
"She’s amazing, plays every different kind of role that I need from her. She’s a friend when I need her to be, she’s a therapist when I need a therapist, she’s motherly when I need her to be. I always feel such a relief and happy after I talk to her. Always gives good “homework” things to work on between sessions. 

Hi I'm Jodi,

And I'll be your guide.

In this ever-changing world, we transformational practitioners need the skills to be more efficient and effective leaders and healers. With very little time and energy to waste, we must learn how to better address the struggles that humanity is facing. In this 13-week professional training program, you will not only hone your skills to serve humanity’s highest good, but it will help you not lose yourself in the process.

You are here because you are called to lead the earth out of the crisis we find ourselves in. The world needs you.

My name is Jodi Aman and I am a licensed social worker, author, metaphysical healer, and Narrative Therapy and Intuition Trainer. For 25 years, I have been training empathic people to understand and navigate the modern world, heal from unspeakable trauma, transform how they see themselves and their place in the world, AND expand their mental and spiritual bandwidth.

Embody and master these skills that will activate your highest potential.

Don't waste time trying to do it alone. The world needs you now.

1. Understand

First, we seek to comprehend the problem, in order to determine the seen and unseen BS that keep people stuck in the ego-mind. Trying to solve the wrong problem is like being on a hamster wheel. Not only does this not help, but unfortunately it reinforced people's sense of inadequacy. You need to know what is really going on so you can really heal it.

2. Transform

People store past trauma in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies where it affects many parts of their lives. The health of these bodies rule our present and will control the future if we don't take back the reins and clear the unwanted toxic energy from our systems. Learn professional techniques based on Spiritual and Neuropsychology to release them from those effects.

3. Guide

You are here to guide this sacred generation out of the grips of this current mental health existential crisis. Lead from your expanded and rooted consciousness where there is more knowledge, tools, and bandwidth to make a greater, benevolent, and sustainable impact on the world.

Live happier, in-tune, & integrated with empowered joy


Transport everyone in your orbit to a higher altitude.

  • 13 weeks of live Zoom training with me on how to heal trauma from all of the bodies.
  • Recordings of each session.
  • Comprehensive Spiritual Self-care Protocol to support you to sustain you in this work.
  • A community of supportive, like-minded practitioners.
  • Tools and resources to level-up your therapeutic skills.
  • 12 CEU for LCSWs, LMHCs


→Access to my transmissional Activate and Develop Your Intuition online course.
→Access to my Raise Happy Kids online courses for parents, helpers, and educations.

let go of emotional clutter

Embodied leadership: Jodi has over 25 years of experience helping people shine their light.

Join her on this 13-week cosmic journey of unpacking the world, to gain an expanded understanding of yourself, your families, and your clients. Dismantle and release the painful obstacles in the atmosphere, so your robust and expanded self can joyfully step into full-bodied leadership.

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