Get NOURISH! Self-Care for Empaths
Free Mini-Course

The essential ways to support your sensitive system.

  • Essential self-care/self-love for sensitive souls with big missions.
  • Increase your energy bandwidth by clearing emotional, physical & mental clutter.
  • Three steps to letting go of what is not serving you.
  • Transform "system overwhelm" to feeling robust and fortified.
  • Reset your nervous system.
  • Seven Steps to Whole Peace -Full course within the course.


guided meditations

 In the Video training, You’ll learn...

  • How self-care gives you time, instead of takes up time.
  • Three steps to dealing with difficulty,
  • Why meditation can help,
  • How offerings can support your system,
  • When to set clear boundaries that provide safety for all parties, and
  • How to shift your understanding of sensitivity so that it will support you all day long (even around difficult people!).

Are you ready? Are you ready to receive the SELF-CARE that you deserve to give yourself?

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