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20 Ways to Calm Anxiety and Panic Training Video

Your Anxiety is curable.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had it forever.

Even if therapy hasn’t worked.

Even if you feel hopeless.

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“I’ve been to psychiatrists and therapists for 13 years and NONE of them told me this stuff.” Jeannie

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  • Discover how to let go of obsessive worry and nagging fears immediately.
  • Find out what makes panic worse and what to do to get relief.
  • Learn the three things that will stop panic and fear BEFORE they start.
Be brave and bold and calm anxiety

I know you want to calm anxiety. I can help!

I’m Jodi Aman. I’m a psychotherapist in Rochester, NY, and have  been helping people overcome anxiety for over 20 years. You are not alone. I have lived through my own anxiety. I get it. And I know how to get rid of it. It’s time to break free!

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