From Overwhelm to Overflow!

Embodied Bandwidth Recovery for Burned-Out Therapists and Coaches
9-week virtual group to upgrade your operating systems.

Plain old “me-time” is not replenishing and restoring your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies because...
when you are in the service of healing people, relationships, and communities, your whole operating system needs structured care that is a higher order of magnitude.

9-weeks of OVERFLOW! Embodied Bandwidth Recovery: You will expand your energy personally and professionally, experience freedom from the burdens of the past, unfurl burnout, ease or rid typical triggers, handle people better, heal your clients better, feel connected and supported, robustify your community, and home structure to support you and your system.

"This group has healed me so much." ~V.

"This has changed the way I think about everything I do and it feels so much better." E.

  • Attend 1-hour weekly live Zoom workshops to unload your heart and uplift your spirit. 
  • Use the elements of earth, air, water, and fire to structure your daily OVERFLOW practices.
  • Be held in a container of loving awareness supported by integrity and ethics.  
  • Clear your obstacles, old soul contracts, and blocks.
  • Feel utterly understood by a therapist with 25 years of full-time clinical experience while raising kids, healing herself, and caring for aging parents. 
  • Experience the embodied robustness of living aligned with nature while making a positive impact in the world.   
  • Join WhatsApp group member thread to allow for sharing and encouragement between sessions. 

Equity prices are available. Please email

This OVERFLOW framework will Blow. Your. Mind. It's created from the brilliant magic of Zoë Christina Solaris.
I'm completing my certification as an Omega Codex Mentor with her after 5 years of study!

You get 9-weeks of care for your body, mind, and soul:

  1. Group text thread to access Jodi, and other members for the whole 9 weeks.
  2. Bonus videos on Foundations of Self-care.
  3. Blessing Ceremony for the altar of your highest self.
  4. Your Personal Astrological Self-care Sequencing.
  5. 50% off coupon for all Jodi's e-Courses (including CEUs earning ones!).
  6. Nine Live Sessions with Jodi on the Zoom platform.

Week 1: Opening Ceremony

Week 2: Spiritual Practice Sequencing & Self-Care Assessment

Week 3: Learn and practice Earth element overflowing activities.

Week 4: Learn and practice Water element overflowing activities.

Week 5: Learn and practice Air element overflowing activities.

Week 6: Learn and practice Fire element overflowing activities.

Week 7: Learn and practice Ether element overflowing activities.

Week 8: Learn and practice Alchemical element overflowing activities.

Week 9: Closing Ceremonies

"I love how, whatever you do, if it is an offering, it feels totally different to my system." ~A.

"As a sensitive person, I never knew how to not take in what I didn't want to take in. Now, I know. I love just being with this group. " ~J.


Opening Ceremony:

Sunday, August 22: Learn the Nine Cycles of Sacred Ceremony* during our welcome event on the Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius serves a humanitarian mission with a focus on the collective good and community health. She is the healer of trauma. Being a therapist can be very isolating, and that is part of why we are so burned out. Learn that you are not alone doing this work!

Spiritual Practice Sequencing:

Before diving into the OVERFLOW practices, participants will learn the Seven-Fold Spiritual Practice*. This is an exquisite expanding daily practice that brings you into the flow state. Both flowing things that you want towards you with ease, and the flowing impact that you are hoping to generate from you to your families, clients, and communities.

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Therapist | Teacher | Author | Spiritual Mentor

My love of helping others to heal started early. From the garden I started when I was 8 years old to the baby ducks I found a home for when I was 10, I have always been passionate about nurturing life. I feel deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of other’s pain, having recovered from my own family chaos and emotional turmoil. Using this keen understanding of how and why people get stuck, my unique and varied training, and 25 years of trauma-informed clinical experience, I now help the helpers release what they don't want, expand their energetic bandwidth, and create a life of joy and overflow.

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