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“I’ve been to psychiatrists and therapists for 13 years and NONE of them told me this stuff.” Jeannie  

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Welcome to anxiety-free, present-tense, full frontal happiness!

I am so glad to have you here where negative self-judgments whither, and self-love abounds.
My heart is open to receive the struggles on your mind. It is time to unload your heavy burdens
and bring joy into to your life, and get anxiety-free. I’m going to show you how.

There are three simple-dimple steps to happiness.

1. Get rid of the stuff that makes your suffer.
2. Bring into your life what makes you joyful.
3. Practice every day.

We humans tend to complicate the first step, feel undeserving of the second, and too defeated for the third.
I break it all down. Sometimes I talk about how to get rid of stuff. Other times I talk about how and
what to bring in. And ALWAYS I talk about practice.

So, bring your weary hearts and minds. You’re invited. The table is set. Just show up. Just ask.
All your questions will be answered. Let’s get you better!

Love, Jodi xoxo


I am here for you



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