What is The Meaning of Life?

Are you noticing the inspiration all around you? Because that is how you get joy out of life. You experience what you pay attention to. This is what I am paying attention to: • A man is grateful to rejoin [...] Read more

Revitalize Your Relationships Today!

Want to get more love, more passion and more closeness in your relationships? Our closest relationships effect every part of us. If they are not going well, they take our body, mind, and soul down with them. See, if a relationship is [...] Read more

I miss you means I love you

I miss my  family while I am working. I miss my clients when I am home. I miss friends who live out of town. And old friends I don't speak with. I miss my family members who have passed on. [...] Read more

You belong. Period.

Big Mistake #2: Thinking you are different Do you think that you are different? Yeah, me too. Of course you are uniquely you in an awesome way. There is no one exactly like you in the world. You are special, [...] Read more

Neediness Anxiety

A few more thoughts on “Need”… (See Thursdays post A Question of Need) Need Worries Many people have neediness anxiety: AKA “worry about being too needy.” Being “too needy” is generally frowned upon in our individualistic culture. And when we […]

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Part of Me

Last night, I sat waiting in a parking lot for my father to drop off my son (12) who spent the day with him watching movies and going to dinner. I arrived early and sat watching great big chunks of […]

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