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“I’ve been to psychiatrists and therapists for 13 years and NONE of them told me this stuff.” Jeannie

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You 1 Anxiety 0 Workbook
21 guided meditations

Living Free 21 Day Guided Meditation Series

My 21 Downloadable Guided Healing Meditations Especially if you are new to meditation, these will give you focus and ability! I guide you through self-healing and introspection in these 8-18 minute meditations specifically created to help you let go of the past and rejuvinate the present. Learn how to be your own healer.

Give Fear the Boot! KIDS program

My Online Anxiety Recovery Program for Kids and their Parents  If your child is struggling with anxiety, worry or panic, this program is for you! Over 20 videos, audios and handouts that give you and your children tactical instructions on how to help them overcome their fears and get back to having fun. You will all discover why kids get anxious, you will learn which skills help kids get rid of anxiety and most of all be relieved by knowing how to help your family get back on track!

Driving without anxiety driving anxiety recovery

Driving Anxiety Meditation Program

Six downloadable mp3s to listen to while driving designed to calm you and rid yourself of your driving anxiety triggers. You can listen to these inexpensive meditations WHILE you are driving. They’ll keep your mind alert and in the present moment and take away your anxiety.

flying anxiety meditation free from fear of flying

Flying Free From Fear

Eleven downloadable mp3s to listen to get rid of your fear and anxiety about flying before and during your flight. It’s like I am with you holding your hand. Time to go have that adventure that you always wanted to have!

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anxiety-free tools
absent but implicit book Michael white

Understanding Pain, Anger, and Worry: Michael White’s Absent But Implicit

Now on Amazon! $7 paperback, $2.99 Kindle Outlines what is in the shadows of our most frustrating feelings, and teaches how to let go through validation. While originally meant for therapists, it is a must-read for counselors, teachers, authors, parents, and anyone in a relationship.

I am here for you.

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