FREE! Energy Shield Training for HSP and Empaths

Stay grounded and connected, even amidst the chaos

energy shield training

Can a 12 min video change your life?

If I can change your beliefs, I can change your life.

(I have 25 years of helping people transform how they think, so yeah, I can change your life!)

Immediate Emotional Cohesion for HSP and Empaths.

When there is a lot of negative energy in the field, you can do all the self-care in the world, and it doesn't help
You need to block it from coming in! 

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Energy Shield Training

Are you an Empath or an HSP?

sometimes think that they are doomed to feel all the FEELS of the world. But this is not true. You can feel it and learn how to STOP taking on what is not yours. If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, you NEED to know how to do that today.

In this free training, you get a sneak peek into what my private and group clients get - actual know-how that can change how you experience energy, and where YOU hold the strings.

Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Twenty-eight years of clinical experience have given me a deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of human pain. Witnessing this suffering has compelled me to stand against the context of injustice that causes it. Using this keen understanding of how and why people struggle, combined with my unique and varied training, rooted ethics, as well as decades as a trauma-informed psychotherapist, I guide sensitive souls to release what they don't want, recover their energetic bandwidth, and grok a socially conscious life of overflowing joy.
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