Code of Ethics for Me, My Bodies of Work and My Community

Using "I" as in the All's commitment to the All.

Allow these ethics to not only have you know what I, and my work, stand for, but how you will be treated in this communion and structure.

May they be a transmission that begin their work including you, as you read them.

Be For, and In Creation

  • I shall be a conscious and unconscious creator of transformation, peace, and beauty.
  • I shall lean into the "edge" so that more magic can be born of it.
  • I shall dedicate my being and doing as physical and pleasurable blessings to the earth.
  • I shall ask for permission, clarify consent, center the marginalized, speak for the animals and plants, consume less, and take care of the earth.

Be With, and In Relationship

  • I shall prioritize relationships.
  • I shall nurture my own robust emotional resilience so can center others.
  • I shall allow compassion to rule relationships.
  • I shall love up, raise up, acknowledge and appreciate others, respect personal boundaries, and refrain from stealing, slander, abuse, greed, or telling an untruth.
  • I shall share more, listen more, and smile more.
  • I shall leave people better than I found them at each physical, emotional, and metaphysical meeting.

Be With, and Of Humility

  • I shall have gratitude for all sensations.
  • I shall open to Spirit revealing the meaning of everything.
  • I shall hold space for anything to be possible.
  • I shall include my human ego.
  • I shall be available for change as a path to sustainability.

Be Of, and In Love

  • I shall spend moments of my day how I intend to show up in life.
  • I shall embrace the perceived darkness rather than reject it.
  • I shall be kind and inclusive.
  • I shall design space, communities, and containers for people to be fully human and fully spiritual.
  • Be I called to act, I shall act with compassion, respect, and generosity to all my relations.
  • I shall not use my power to harm.

Be With, and In Guidance

  • I shall allow myself to be witnessed.
  • I shall accept that I am never alone and always seen.
  • I shall not attempt to hide because of the perceived shame of unworthiness.
  • I shall open to what is being witnessed, and use the witnessing as guidance.

Be In, and Of the Way

  • I shall believe that magic is possible.
  • I shall activate miracles.
  • I shall be present.
  • I shall dedicate my presence to the cosmos, myself, the earth, the ancestors, my community, and future generations.


These are influenced by Christina Solaris and the Omega Codex, the 42 Laws of Maat, and 48 years of service to the Divine. 

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