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Jodi Aman, LCSW

Inspirationally speaking and counseling for over 20 years, Jodi shows people how to activate miracles. In high schools, universities and communities, Jodi teaches Gen Z, their parents, and helpers how to feel worthy, empowered and in control. Her popular YouTube Channel gives doable advice on how to get clarity, push past fear, and evolve consciousness. Because Jodi clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, she gets it. As a mom of teens, she double-dog gets it. Through her TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids,” and her best selling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, she is changing the way we understand this current mental health crisis. Grab her new book, "Anxiety, I'm So Done With You: A Teens' Guide To Ditching Toxic Stress and Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness." 

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Speaking at Keynotes, Schools, Colleges, Seminars, and Retreats

TEDxWilmington: Calm Anxious Kids

Expert on COVID Mental Health, Generation Z, Trauma, Emotional Wellness, Parenting, Sex and Romance, Spiritual Psychology, Toxic Relationships, Anxiety, and Stress.

Her audience reactions. . .

"I feel ten feet tall when I hear you talk."
~Helene Wilson.

Speaking Topics Include:

Jodi helps students learn how to survive a perfectionist world, be empowered by their personal agency, and achieve lasting happiness. Jodi covers the secrets to being “enough,” red flags in personal relationships, her five rules to life, and how to love yourself when you don’t like yourself very much.

Jodi helps students name and tame negative feelings, set personal boundaries with difficult people, banish stress and anxiety in two practical steps, and find your life’s purpose. She teaches practical ways to step into one’s personal power, especially when feeling out of control!

Jodi shares the why’s of the emotional crisis effecting teens, and how to navigate them through it. Parents will understand how to create a home sanctuary for self-realization, empowerment and practical miracles. Jodi teaches the four roles of parents, explaining when to get involve and when to be hands off, and how to trust your children so they build trust and confidence in themselves. 

Jodi shares the whys of the current emotional crisis effecting children and teenagers, and how to navigate them through it. Jodi teaches what guidance kids need from you right now, explaining how to hold space for their growth, and which expectations to have to build trust and belief in themselves.

Release Your Fear • Increase Your Confidence • Find Your Purpose • Understand The World

More Speaking Topics:

•Overcoming Anxiety: Six steps to free yourself from anxiety and panic
(Training can be geared to sufferers or practitioners.)
•Raising Socially Responsible Kids: Empowering teens to create a life they want.
•Lead From Your Heart: Engaging your power to change the world
•Five Rules To Live Happier: Generate and maintain happiness in life
•Psychology of Selling: Understand your customers, sell more, make a difference
•Happy Hacks for Hardworking Women: Find inner peace and soul alignment in this busy world
•Making Videos That Inspire: Helping heart-centered entrepreneurs make endearing videos

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YouTube: Jodi Aman - Practical Miracles 13.7K
Instagram: @jodiamanlove 10K
Twitter: @jodiaman 39K
Jodi Aman - Live Happier 6.7K
Intuitive Wisdom Quotes 79K
Heal Anxiety Now 14.3K
Practical Miracles Quote 36.9K

Isn't it time for your soul to soar?

“Jodi Aman empowers and energizes everyone around her.”

– Barbara Marx Hubbard, former Democratic VP Nominee & Author

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Get to Know Jodi

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Jodi Aman knows people. She is a practicing psychotherapist who has worked with 35 people a week for 23 years in Rochester NY. She got her Master's in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996 and has studied and taught Narrative Therapy around the world.

Jodi knows anxiety. In her youth, she was immobilized by her own panic and anxiety, yet she clawed her way back to life and taught herself to generate happiness. In her bestselling book You 1, Anxiety 0, she shows readers how to step into their personal power, helping them say goodbye to fear and panic.

Jodi films and edits her own YouTube channel, trains counselors, and inspires clients and viewers here and abroad to create practical miracles and make a difference in the world.

As an inspirational speaker, she helps audiences make sense of their lives. She shows how to shift thinking, change unwanted situations, and, most of all, finally stop the out-of-control downward spiral by releasing that internal self-critic.

Most self-help teachers tell you what to do. Jodi shows you.

"Jodi Aman is a warm and enthusiastic presenter who gives her audience an energetic jump-start on their healing journeys. I’ve known Jodi and also watched her in action for many years. She empowers individuals and audiences to soar, to take the actions necessary to fulfill their wildest dreams."

-John Perkins, NYT Bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman.


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