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My TEDx Wilmington Talk:

TED released my TEDx Wilmington Talk! Search "Jodi Aman TEDx" on YouTube or scroll down and watch it here. Parents tell me that it is VALIDATING!

Actually, I love validating parents. Truly, I think they are the most criticized, undervalued, over-judged, unappreciated souls out there.

Inevitably, every article seems so judgy! You are...too involved, not involved enough. Too open, no boundaries, or too rigid or neglectful. Unfortunately, parents can't seem to win.
So, here is a fresh perspective on why anxiety is becoming pandemic in our culture, and I am not blaming parents! However, if you are a parent – or a teen – it will EMPOWER you.

Because even if you are not part of the problem, you have to be part of the solution. Kids today need you!
They need you to PUSH them. And, they need you to expect great things from them. They need you to hold them. Walk next to them. Have confidence in them. Believe in them. Also, they need you to let them fail sometimes.

In addition to all of this, for their own have to make them do chores.

Here is my TEDx Wilmington Talk

Anxiety...I'm So Done with You!

Kids Who Do Chores Have Less Anxiety | Jodi Aman TEDx Wilmington

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Suck it Up! Calm Anxious Kids with Simple Chores

For me, just doing the application was a challenge. The way to be invited to do a TEDx talk was by having one idea worth spreading. The goal was to find that one nugget within all that I teach that is specific enough to make a difference. People who hear a general speech on happiness find it hard to relate the information to themselves. They want to know you are speaking to them. I had to find that one notion close to my heart – an important concept –that would make a specific difference to specific people. This is how I came to my idea: Kids Who Do Chores Have Less Stress.

After my invitation, the work began to craft a very short talk that could impact people and make them want to share it with others, to impact more. If you asked me to teach in a room for two hours, I can walk in and start without preparing. But to shrink it to one idea in ten minutes is a considerable challenge. I wasn’t scared of that challenge but knew I needed more introspection, writing, education, and guidance to accomplish it.

Quite a Chore!

I read several books on TEDx talks, consulted many videos - some TEDx, some on presentation style - hired a coach, consulted the TEDxWilmington team and got to work.

As a psychotherapist, my mission in life is to help people (of all ages) heal from emotional stress. This insider’s view gives me insight into how people interact with the world and why they do what they do, and why they feel what they feel. I am grateful that people invite me into their thoughts. Also, as a mom, I see the interface of the world and my kids from a front-row seat. Because I am interested in raising my kids to be emotionally well, I’ve paid close attention to all that is happening.

This is what I see:

Anxiety is pandemic!

It is a travesty that there is an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression among teenagers, and I decided to disclose what is at the bottom of it. Once we know, parents, like me, can take action to stop them from going down that path. Alternatively, we can guide them to switch their directions if they are already down there. Kids who have less stress and anxiety are more confident, successful, independent and happy.

Yes, there are a lot of TEDx talks on Anxiety, but there is room for more!

In my talk, I share, why kids’ anxiety is increasing and what is an important thing you can do to stop it.

Please let me know what you think and if you see any challenges to this approach. Also, kindly share this one. I can spread this idea farther with your help!

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Helping Anxious Kids with Simple Chores

Parenting it the toughest job in the world and you're rockin' it!

The mere fact that you're reading and watching this tells me that you're an awesome parent. You love your kids and want the best for them. This parenting gig is NOT easy. These modern times have provided new and treacherous issues for our kids to navigate, all the while we are navigating our own anxiety issues!

Get Anxiety Help!

Using the tips I mention in my TEDx talk will help empower you to teach your children that they are smart, responsible and capable. They are caring, helpful and the world needs them.

Chores: Short-term pain. Long-term gain.

Fortunately, it works.


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