Happier Kids and Teens

Have your children or teens had a loss or a big transition?

Having anxiety, OCD or eating issues?

Experienced abuse recently or a long time ago?

Feeling depressed, cutting themselves or feeling suicidal?

Sad, stuck or having physical issues?

Together, we'll get them better!

Counseling and Consulting with Kids, Teens and Families

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Watching your child suffering is worse than your own suffering.

Counseling with Kids

 Children's and teens' anxiety infiltrates their very identity.
Divorce is heavy on all of your souls.
Grief is heartbreaking.
Depression sucks the life out of a family.

When someone in the home is going through difficulties, everyone shares the suffering. Let's get your family back under control by helping your child/teen feel better. Read the About Jodi page to answer questions about how I work!

Kids are learning how to make meaning of their world. This increases their worries, but with gentle guidance, they develop skills to understand and cope with what is happening and anything that comes their way. Kids may be trying to find their power in the wrong place (i.e., yelling) and in our sessions, we find real lasting ways to step into their personal power and live their best selves.

Consciously Parenting Gen Z
Get your teen off their phone!

Consulting and Coaching Teens

Help Kids Overcome Anxiety
Anxiety-Free Kids! Videos for Parents and Kids
Forgive Yourself and Others Masterclass

Teens are trying to figure out the world and deciding how to see themselves. Our conversations make them feel empowered and affirmed about the great skills they have in empathy, loyalty, and kindness. We talk about eating disorders, relationships, self-harm, history of abuse, depression, cancer recovery, anxiety, world tragedies and anything that is on their minds.

Watch my TEDxWilmington talk on why I think anxiety and depression are so rampant among young people.

Isn't it time for your soul to soar?

I give people practical tools to break down the negative stories of their lives. Once invited to the big-picture view, they understand what is happening. From here, they can break free from emotional, spiritual and physical suffering, and find harmony, peace, self-love, and connection.

As a psychotherapist for 23 years, I consult individuals, kids and families locally in Rochester NY and all over the world. I speak internationally to conferences, schools and universities helping Gen Z, their parents and helpers feel worthy, empowered and in control. I train therapists, counselors, and psychologists in Spiritual Psychology, Narrative Therapy and Activating their Intuition.

Because I clawed my way out of my own emotional turmoil, I totally get it. As a mom of teens, I double-dog get it. Through my TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids” and my best selling book, "You 1, Anxiety 0", I am changing the way we understand stress and anxiety. My new book, "Anxiety, I'm So Done With You: A Teens' Guide To Ditching Toxic Stress and Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness", will be released on July 20th, 2020.

Work with Me

Local Office: 25 Canterbury Road Rochester NY 14607
Online Office: Anywhere you are by phone or video

I don't take health insurance since my approach is holistic. If my services seem cost-prohibitive for your family, consider:

♥ Working with someone with 23 years of experience is worth it. Kids respond to our work swiftly and painlessly. One or two sessions and they are good to go!

♥ You can still use your deductible, HSA or out of network benefits.

♥ You can get my Helping Kids with Anxiety Masterclass or my Anxiety-Free Kids! Parents and Kids Anxiety Recovery Program right now!

I work with Kids, Teens, Adults, Couples, and Whole Families.

Sometimes our kids live out our issues.  Ugh, seriously. It's the worst. I am here for you, too.

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Letter and Video to show your kids to tell them about me!


I am Jodi and I am a counselor.  Did you ever hear of a counselor? Like the ones in school? I am like that except my office is not in a school. Check out this video to see what it looks like!

If you are reading this letter, you, your parents or someone else that cares about you suggested that you come and meet with me. Meeting new people is the best part of my job!  I love being a counselor because I am introduced to new people all the time!

Do you wonder what I do and why you are meeting with me?

I totally would! But I am curious about everything!

Well, maybe I can shed some light on it.  You see, kids, parents, (sometimes grandparents and friends) come and see me to talk about the things going on in their lives. For example, I meet with kids who may be worried about their parents’ separation or divorce, kids who may feel scared about going to sleep at night, leaving mom or going to school, kids who get teased by other kids, or feel sad sometimes or get angry sometimes and much more.

Kids and parents usually feel much better about things after we get together. This is the best part for me! I get to learn about your special skills in feeling better!

We try to have a little fun in the process.

My office looks like a living room. I'm not a doctor so no shots or white coats. Kids call me "Jodi."

You can see my picture if you check out my website. And I can’t wait to see what YOU look like in a few days!

If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

Best, Jodi

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Teens over 13 have enjoyed this book!

jodi aman

Rochester NY

Jodi always seem to know what to say. I am very thankful to have a nonjudgmental and realistically funny therapist. Anyone needs to talk to someone that will actually help, Jodi is it!

jodi aman

Irondequoit NY

We love seeing Jodi – she is kind, informative and effective. If you have anxiety, depression, abuse issues or anything else. See Jodi!

jodi aman


I have been going to Jody for about 6 years. She has helped me deal with anxiety with major things and small. I will never go to anyone else. Seriously the best out there!

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