Embodied Healing: Trauma-Informed
Therapeutic Coaching

Psychological, relational, & spiritual provisioning for whole body, whole family, whole mission living.

This is an upgrade in liberation, realization, and actualization on your journey to expanding your magic. Disintegrate, release, and re-story family and personal trauma and up-level, re-learn, or re-claim your emotional resilience with intuitive counseling and healing tailored to you. You'll gain an understanding of events, yourself, and the world.

As we step into the matrix of your life, we also discover the beauty and uniqueness of your soul and find out what you love, enjoy, and desire about life. And then, we breathe life into it by creating a structure to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually sustain it. You'll feel balanced and supported.

(Yes, this includes teenagers! In addition to working with professionals, couples, and individuals, I have a reduced fee mental resilience and emotional wellness coaching package for 13-19-year-olds.)

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