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Download this photo here. Aman is pronounced Ay-min.

Pundit for Emotional Self-Care, Mental Health, and Generation Z

Giving expert advice on Collective and Personal Trauma, Anxiety, Emotional Wellness, Generation Z, Youth Mental Health Crisis, Parenting & Educating Generation Z, Teen Dating Violence, Digital Depression, Emerging Adults, and more!

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Story Ideas

  • Why is the mental health crisis increasing
  • What role do phones play in Gen Z's emotional health
  • Prevalence and causes of teen dating violence
  • How to respond to a horrific event
  • Recipe for a robust mental health
  • Effects of current events and tragedies on young people
  • How to listen so young people can talk

Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Bio: (Aman is pronounced AY-min.)

Jodi Aman is a doctor of social work with 28 years of experience in clinical practice. She helps clients heal from trauma, understand the world, and reclaim confidence in themselves. She created C.O.M.P.A.S.S., an emotional wellness curriculum for middle and high school health classes designed to mitigate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You can find her live-streamed show, Therapist Mom, on her YouTube channel @doctorjodi, where she discusses topics unique to Generation Z. Also, watch her TEDx Wilmington talk, "Calm Anxious Kids," and read her award-winning book, Anxiety… I'm So Done with You! to learn how to understand and reverse the current mental health crisis. More about Jodi.

“Jodi Aman is a warm and enthusiastic presenter who gives her audience an energetic jump-start on their healing journeys. I’ve known Jodi and watched her in action for many years. She empowers individuals and audiences to soar, to take the actions necessary to fulfill their wildest dreams.”

~John Perkins
NY Times Best-Selling Author of
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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"Garnering strength each time I spend with Professor Jodi, I come away
from every session feeling very empowered and kind of special too..."

~ Nanette


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