#DitchAnxiety Resources Page

Tips for a Robust Mental Health:

eat whole foods
practice deep breathing
walk outside
be with people who lift you up
have multiple creative outlets
find a purpose each day and take action towards that
listen to positive podcasts
read fiction books
commit to a spiritual practice
remember that this is temporary
watch funny videos
clear your clutter
make time for play

Courses I mentioned in the book!

Everything you need to know to cut out toxic people, to know whom to trust, and engage in the relationships of your dreams.

Let go of the past, plan for your future, and handle life in the present. Embrace your confidence to maximise your potential.

Learn how to start developing your intuition so you can feel empowered, grounded, and mentally robust in relationships, and in life.




Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Twenty-eight years of clinical experience have given me a deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of human pain. Witnessing this suffering has compelled me to stand against the context of injustice that causes it. Using this keen understanding of how and why people struggle, combined with my unique and varied training, rooted ethics, as well as decades as a trauma-informed psychotherapist, I guide sensitive souls to release what they don't want, recover their energetic bandwidth, and grok a socially conscious life of overflowing joy.
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