Why You Think Anxiety Is Not Curable


Some people feel hopeless

They think their anxiety is not curable. They’ve tried many medicines and combinations of medicines. For years. They’ve done groups, seen doctors, distracted themselves, tried to motivate themselves, attempted to let go of it, read books, heeded advice, sampled meditation, and watched videos. Maybe they get a little better temporarily, but no cure. They tried more. They know it has worked for many people, but they figure that it just doesn’t work for them.

I was in this place for many years. I was convinced, Anxiety is not curable. It was devastating. I had no power. Anxiety had the advantage over me. It stuck around. For decades.

I realize now that this belief kept it around for longer than it needed to be- which meant many, many more late stressed nights of pacing, missed events, lost relationships, and years of suffering. It was only when I believed it might be possible – or was desperate enough to have hope beyond the hopeless which sparked a determined desire to do whatever possible – that I figured out how to get rid of it. For good.

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From personal experience, I understanding how badly anxiety terrorizes your life. Because I still remember, and because I cured it completely and now live happy and calm and connected, I am doing everything I can to share what I learned to relieve men, women and children of the suffering they are living through at the hands of anxiety.

I am proof that Anxiety is Curable. I don’t know if you will cure your anxiety, but I know that you CAN. In fact, you can start here: 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic. Even when there is a physical cause. Anxiety is curable. And here is my take on anxiety causes and it’s treatment.

There are reasons you think anxiety is not curable. In this video, I lay out exactly what those are.

Why you think anxiety is not curable

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You are still scared of it

Anxiety needs you to be scared for it to stay. I know. I know. It is scary. But seriously, you can change this-> watch my Biology of Fear video.

You have to like yourself

No way of getting around this one. I didn’t realize that my anxiety had to with self-worth issues for so long and once I did, I got on my path out of the suffering. I had to practice seeing myself differently. So I took on these very easy practices, and things shifted. You have to find peace with yourself. You have to stop judging yourself. (Want more? Read the linked articles.)

You cannot stay still

Again, watch my Biology of Fear video to see why.

You have to believe that you can

Again, no getting around this one. If you believe that you can’t. You can’t. I can promise you I am a first-hand witness to thousands of people who think anxiety is temporary, getting over it faster. Every single time. And those who think they can’t – no matter how hard I try to convince them – may get lucky, but usually stay stuck. Check out my book, You 1, Anxiety 0, for this one. This book has everything you need to cure yourself from anxiety.

Want more? Start here for my best training: 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic.

Do you think anxiety is curable? Why or why not? 

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Yes, anxiety is curable! I had it for almost 50 years and didn’t believe it was either….another belief I had was that maybe I “chose” this ailment to learn from it or maybe I wouldn’t be cured because so many people have things they’re not cured of and maybe I was one of them…I believe it when Jodi says it is anxiety’s voice that makes up these stories…and any feelings of unworthiness that make us believe them.

Jodi Aman

Testify! Thanks so much Carol for your belief in me! let’s change the world! xo

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