New Anxieties: Just when you retire one fear, another attacks you from behind

Do you ever wonder why you get one anxiety after another? New anxieties aren’t really all that new. It’s the same ole’ Anxiety trying to get your attention with a shiny, new threat. Anxiety wants to stay in your life. It doesn’t want to leave. It wants to keep you home and alone and feeling awful. That’s what Anxiety wants. So…

new anxieties: one anxiety after another

Anxiety is constantly working hard to get or keep your attention with new anxieties. For the savvy person like you, Anxiety has to keep things fresh and new, because you’ve seen through the other lies it has told you in the past. So Anxiety has to come up with something else to get you to notice it. And boy, does it come up with some doozies. Keep this in mind: Anxiety needs your attention.

Watch my video on why it does that and HOW it is able to do that. Once you know HOW new anxieties are allowed to come in, you will stop them in their tracks!

New Anxieties: Just when you retire one fear, another attacks you from behind

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Why you have one anxiety after another

Keep calm coloring bookSo I mention above the reason new anxieties come into your life, but I want to reiterate here that it is because you are doing something right, not doing something wrong. You are challenging anxiety! And then, it has to find something else to bug you. But if you have the skills to challenge it, then you can challenge new anxieties too.

The problem can be that you are not aware that you were the one who stopped the former anxiety, and so you feel inept at handling this one. This is what you do: Think about the former, retired anxiety and figure out what you did to stop it. Anxiety doesn’t just go away. You get rid of it. And so you can get rid of the new anxieties, too.

If you need some help with this, let me know and read this: Anxiety Treatment.

What is your newest anxiety? What were some of your previous anxieties? 

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