The Teenage Brain: Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Teens, with Kasey Crist

Welcome to Anxiety, I’m So Done with You! podcast’s BONUS episode: The Teenage Brain with Kasey Crist, author of a book by that same name ‘The Teenage Brain: Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Teenagers’.

It’s a guide for parents, counselors, and teenagers, and it is so jam-packed with resources that you are going to need to get yourself a copy.

Kasey Crist is a mental health professional who serves students in a high school setting. This is a different kind of interview. Instead, we both shared our understanding and interpretations of what is going on with our young people. 

 In this episode, Kasey and I discussed 

🐇her new book, ‘The Teenage Brain’

📱the trends that worry us 

🎨 the main skills we think know will help them get through this crazy time in our culture. 

Listen to Understanding the Teenage Brain

Transcription in Shownotes!

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2 thoughts on “The Teenage Brain: Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Teens, with Kasey Crist”

  1. I am a counsellor and I always like to educate clients on the flight or fight response. I find getting the client to challenge negative thoughts can be very helpful. Also, to talk to themselves how they would talk to someone they cared about.

  2. Thank you for this insightful podcast! Understanding the teenage brain is crucial, and your discussion with Kasey Crist offers valuable perspectives. I appreciate the focus on practical skills and resources to help teens navigate anxiety and depression.

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