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My love of helping others to heal started early. From the garden I started when I was 8 years old to the baby ducks I found a home for when I was 10, I have always been passionate about nurturing life. I have also personally felt deep empathy for and understood the complexities of others’ pain as I too have recovered from family chaos and resulting panic attacks. Using this keen understanding of how and why people get stuck, my unique and varied training, and 25 years of trauma-informed clinical experience, I now help the helpers release what they don't want, expand their energetic bandwidth, and create a life of joy and overflow.

And now, training other therapists and coaches to do the same!

Being a therapist and learning how to serve you better...

Over the past 25 years, graduating from Columbia University in Social Work and practicing with young parents facing adversity to going into private practice and then teaching Narrative Therapy in Norway, China, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and the US for the Dulwich Centre, I received a unique perspective on the similarities and differences of problems in cultures around the globe.

I have a holistic approach to healing trauma. Consequently, this has brought me to work with Sonam Targee on Mindfulness and Ayurveda, Francois Raoult to become a certified Yoga Teacher, then, to Reverend Marcie Seidel to develop my intuition and birth my own body of work.

I completed a Master Healer and Shapeshifter apprenticeship in 2009 - 2012 with John Perkins and Llyn Roberts. There, I acquired healing techniques passed to them with the permission to share from Quechua in Ecuador.

I am committed to life-long learning and as I am so in love with plants and their role in nourishing, I apprenticed with Susun Weed, as a herbalist and have also added this to the ways I heal and support others.

Combining decades of spiritual practice with mentorship from mystic Christina Solaris since 2016, I'm currently being certified in a gnostic teaching that combines western and sidereal astrology, Vedic principles, and communion with Mother Nature through an emergent zodiac called the Omega Codex.

You can find my Sparks on the Calm app!

Along with my love, three kids, and one Winston, I live in Rochester where we built an environmentally friendly sacred space, and spend loads of time in my multiplying herb garden and making medicines to share with friends and family.

Nervous System Reset Experience

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Empathic. For realsies.

Nobody knows exactly how you interpret your feelings, BUT I understand being in pain. That is one thing clients tell me over and over that, as a counselor, I "get it." And, when you're not used to that, it feels amazing.  Heard. That's what you would feel when we worked together: Understood. Seen. Accepted.

It is only then, can you be liberated from the gunk that holds you back from full-frontal happiness. You'll be free to feel loved, connected, and supported on this earth and beyond. Emancipated from a mind full of doubt to self-realize into your higher divine purpose and soar.

Whether you read my words, talk to me, or watch my videos, my aim is to reflect the light I see in you back into your beautiful eyes, so that you can see it, too.

And know that despite everything, you belong.

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