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No wonder I am a counselor! From the garden I started when I was 8 years old to the baby ducks I found a home for when I was 10, I have always been passionate about nurturing life. With sharp empathy into the complexities of people's pain, since I have recovered from my own family chaos and panic attacks. And with a keen understanding of how and why people get stuck there, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people find peace of mind and create a life full of vitality.

Yes. In my past, I have suffered such bad grief and low self-esteem that I didn't even want to get out of bed. Yes. I've swum in the pools of self-loathing and anxiety. (No one would ever know that by looking at me! I hid it. I looked fine even when I felt full of shizzle on the inside!)

Empathic. For real.

Nobody knows exactly how you interpret your feelings, BUT I understand being in pain. That is one thing clients tell me over and over: that, as a counselor, I "get it" when rarely do they feel like anyone gets them. Heard. That's what you would feel when we worked together: Understood. Seen. Accepted.

It is only then, can you be liberated from the gunk that holds you back from full-frontal happiness. You'll be free to feel loved, connected, and supported on this earth and beyond. Emancipated from a mind full of doubt to self-realize into your higher divine purpose and soar.

Fast track to feeling better

With my intuition and 20+ years of experience as a counselor, I can discover the issue that's blocking you quite quickly so we can move on to bringing more practical miracles into your daily life. Even if you have been doing "the work" for a LONG time but you feel like you are just going in circles, I help you up-level your perspective so you can jump forward to see what is really going on.

Unfortunately, some of you who have seen another coach or counselor, come to me with an understanding of their problems from the past. Their coach/counselor/massage therapist is trying to call them on their blind spots, and no one is noticing what they ARE NOW; nor are they inviting them to the party to celebrate their Oneness. (And they wonder why they are stuck!) Nobody is helping them integrate their progress and update their story in their minds and bodies.

Yes, these other practitioners are skilled at reading you, but they are just reading your stuck-ness.

Uplevel your healing

I work on you going forward. We'll consider the past and we heal it, but not by expending our precious energy there. We do it by cleaning up its energy here. We will make clear meaning around it, acknowledging and deeply validating you, so you lose the energy imprint of it and it no longer keeps flipping you back into its lair.

My work with each individual is vastly different because I guide with the way that person needs me to. So it is difficult to sum it up universally. Basically, we find the problem, we get rid of it, and then I help you discover who you are in the process. I've LOVED my work as a therapist and intuitive counselor since 1994!

You name it! I've helped people with every issue in the book, and so have learned how people get problems, how and why they keep them, and then most importantly how to get rid of them.

You can call me an anxiety-tamer. Forgiveness-counselor. Spiritual teacher. Relationship-coach. Guilt-releaser. An unconditional-lover and a hope-renewer.

All I do is reflect back the good in you that you show me. That amazing-ness that is covered by the problems that are making you suffer/question/worry/stop right now. I help you break down those barriers to healing. Get over them, and release them! Then, you can move on to greener pastures where your purpose and potential can shine. And you can be happier than you ever thought possible.

You have heard that you can choose peace and happiness, but I help you do that.

And, I don’t just tell you what to do, I show you how.

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Are you a thinker? Me too!

Everyone has a story

Our lives are made up of stories. Stories are how we store memories of experiences. They are the interpretation of those experiences.  The thing is: stories are heavily influenced by perspective. And storied HEAVILY influence how we feel. We experience trouble, grief, joy, calm, excitement and more through our stories. Stories can be very strong and powerful and occupy our minds and hearts for a long time. Or they can practically blow past us, dismissed before entering our consciousness.

The main stories become like glasses for how we see the world.

This is fine if they are uplifting and happy. Unfortunately, all too often they are obstructive and painful–especially when we have had bad experiences. (Not any people come through this life unscathed.)

We can't change what happened in the past, but we can change how we think about it. We have the power to change our stories and when we do, it changes the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. (i.e., powerful instead of powerless.)

Changing a story is not hard.

It's simple really: You break down the problem story - to release all of the energy it holds - and then build up a new way to think about things and a more preferred way to see yourself. Sound complicated? I can hold your hand. Work with me.

The Map To Whole Peace e-Course
Ditching Anxiety Resrouces

I also explain it all for you in The Map To Whole Peace  Video course.

I help people learn how to become their own healers by deconstructing the problem story. And then growing or re-connecting to the story of who they are and would love to be in the world.

Whether you read my words, talk to me, or watch my videos, my aim is to reflect the light that is present in every single one of you back into your beautiful eyes so that you can see it, too.

And know that despite everything, you belong.

Videos by Jodi Aman

You have made it this far. And that is nothing short of amazing!
Jodi, xoxo

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Ditch Toxic Stress and Connect to Your Higher Wisdom

Learning how to serve you better...

Graduating from Columbia University School of Social Work in 1996, I was ready to take on the problems of the world and began my career visiting families in their homes. As a 24-year-old with no babies yet, I fumbled my way through supporting moms and dads amidst the adversity they lived, day in and day out. I learned how to sit with people in their pain and hold their hands, staying present as I heard countless stories of trauma and loss.

My heart broke open. I began understanding the source of pain and heartache in the world, and I learned how "Operations of power" play such a huge role in our sense of worthiness, and conversely, that worthiness played such a huge role in operations of power. People feel separate, unworthy, and unloved, and this brings up a lot of fear, hopelessness, and pain.

After having my own babes, I settled into private practice.  I connected with students and clients around the world during the ten years I spent studying and then teaching narrative therapy in such countries as Norway, China, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and the US for the Dulwich Centre. This gave me a unique perspective on the similarities and differences of problems in cultures around the globe.

Going deeper

Prompted by my own health crisis, I studied Ayurveda and mindfulness extensively and trained with Francois Raoult to become a certified yoga teacher in 2003.

Being a spiritual environmentalist, I turned to A Course In Miracles in 2007 and healing with the elements in 2006, to deepen my understanding of the self, relationships, and the world to learn new ways of service. I studied with Patti Fields, John Perkins, Llyn Roberts, Cecile Carson, Marcie Seidel, Lewis Mahl Madrona, and Paula Denham to develop skills in spiritual direction and hands-on energy healing.

Completing Master Healer and Shapeshifter apprenticeship in 2009 - 2012 with John and Llyn, I studied and practiced healing techniques passed to them with the permission to share from Quechua in Ecuador.

Being so in love with plants and their role in healing, in 2013, I followed my dream by being initiated as an herbalist apprentice with Susun Weed, and I have been playing in the dirt and making my own remedies ever since.

Since 2016, I have been working with Christina Solaris and her Omega Codex, to focus on my highest destiny of being a conscious practitioner.

Along with my love, three kids, and one Winston, I live in Rochester where we built an environmentally-friendly sacred space and spend loads of time in my multiplying herb garden.


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