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Mental Health Consulting For Promoting Emotional Wellbeing in Middle and High Schools

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Dr. Aman can help your teachers and counselors improve the emotional and mental support for give students school-wide.

When a school or community faces a tragedy, providing support becomes crucial. Dr. Jodi is equipped to assist your administration in implementing her school-wide protocol, tailored to mitigate the trauma's effects on both the mind and body. By doing so, your community can unite in adversity, fostering trust in humanity and reigniting hope for the future.

In schools, mental health issues are widespread. Dr. Aman has crafted a comprehensive protocol to tackle anxiety and depression collectively within the school community. Recognizing that emotional challenges stem from the complexities of today's world, addressing and comprehending this context stands as the primary method to alleviate suffering and empower young individuals to reclaim their personal strength.

Bullying and discrimination plague many school environments. Dr. Aman has devised a comprehensive protocol to tackle these destructive behaviors throughout the entire school community. Acknowledging that bullying, teen dating violence, and discrimination stem from the complexities of contemporary society and the sense of powerlessness felt by the aggressor, she assists schools in prioritizing the promotion of connectedness and mattering. By fostering empathy and nurturing students' sense of agency, the desire to assert power over others diminishes. This approach aims to prevent suffering and empower students to recognize their inherent worth and dignity as human beings. By cultivating a culture of kindness and tolerance within your school, you can help foster this transformative change.

This plug-and-play school-wide program builds school spirit and fosters a community culture of helping each other thrive. Tackle several problems that plague schools: bullying, mental health problems, apathy to academics, and discrimination, while promoting a standard of emotional wellness aesthetics, activities, and protocols. 

Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Jodi Aman is a doctor of social work with 28 years of experience in clinical practice. She helps Generation Z, their parents, and helpers heal from trauma, understand the world, and reclaim confidence in themselves. Her C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Curriculum, an emotional wellness curriculum for middle and high school health classes, is a Tier 1 school intervention designed to mitigate symptoms of anxiety and depression in students.

Her live-streamed show, Therapist Mom, covers topics unique to Generation Z. Her TEDx Wilmington talk, "Calm Anxious Kids," and her award-winning book, Anxiety… I'm So Done with You! explain how to understand and reverse the current youth mental health crisis. More about Jodi.

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