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An inspirational speaker and intuitive counselor for over 20 years, Jodi Aman, LCSW-R shows people how to activate miracles. Through humor and warmth, her popular YouTube Channel inspires thousands of people all over the world to get clarity, push past fear, evolve their consciousness and live aligned with joy. Having clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, Jodi shares her story of stepping into her personal power, and that of many of her clients in her best selling book, You 1,  Anxiety 0: Win your life back from fear and panic. Her workbook for teens is being released in July 2020! She’ll teach you how to change limiting beliefs, calm life’s chaos, create peace and embody happiness in your life.

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Let Go of What Doesn't Serve You

Welcome to your freer, happier, calmer, clarity-filled life!

Your wellbeing is the most precious asset you have. You, your passion, your purpose, your family, your community…everything you value depends on THIS.

I am so glad to have you here where stuck-ness releases and clarity and healing abounds.

My heart is open to receive the struggles on your mind. It is time to unload your heavy burdens (the ones you see and the ones you don't) and embody happiness into to your life, I’m going to show you how.

There are three repeatable steps to happiness.

  1. Get rid of the stuff that makes you suffer.
  2. Bring into your life what makes you joyful.
  3. Practice every day.

We, humans, tend to complicate the first step, feel undeserving of the second, and too defeated for the third.

I break it all down: We get rid of stuff. We plan how and what to bring in. We re-set our minds to practice.

So, bring your chaos and curiosity, or your weary hearts and minds. You’re invited. The table is set. Just show up. Just ask. All your questions will be answered. Let’s get you better!

Love, Jodi xoxo

Client Love

jodi aman


Austin TX

Jodi helped me work through and really understand something I was stuck on for a couple of years within just 2 sessions. I highly recommend her!

jodi aman


Orlando FL

Jodi helped me address extra energy that I noticed in my heart and solar chakra areas. This unsettling energy would appear when I would feel out of balance with myself; when I would feel unimportant, unworthy and/or unloved. She approached my situation from a neuroscientific and energetic reference and was able to provide several options to add to my daily meditations to assist me with a super speed growth expansion = eliminating 30+years of resistance. Thank you, Jodi!!

jodi aman


Miami FL

Jodi has helped me deal with resistance to major things and small things. I will never go to anyone else. Seriously the best out there!

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