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Dr Jodi Speaks on Mental Health

Jodi Aman, DSW

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Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Twenty-eight years of clinical experience have given me a deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of human pain. Witnessing this suffering has compelled me to stand against the context of injustice that causes it. Using this keen understanding of how and why people struggle, combined with my unique and varied training, rooted ethics, as well as decades as a trauma-informed psychotherapist, I guide sensitive souls to release what they don't want, recover their energetic bandwidth, and grok a socially conscious life of overflowing joy. More about me.

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Work with me

Looking for a fully-embodied recovery with an experienced healer? Sign up for
trauma-informed, therapeutic coaching for your mind, body, and soul. Get psychological, relational, & spiritual provisioning for whole-body, whole-family, whole-mission living. Yes, please!

COMPASS Curriculum

Eight complete plug-and-play lesson plans for middle and high school health teachers to use for an impactful mental health unit. The curriculum is a Wise Intervention, an evidence-based psychoeducational treatment intervention taught by non-clinicians. It includes engaging videos, discussion prompts, and activities to help students embody the material. Learn more.

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Therapist Mom Show

Weekly Live-Streamed Show on Bold Brave TV Mondays at 9 PM E.
Helping Generation Z build confidence, understand themselves & the world, navigate anxiety, sadness & ADHD, form uplifting relationships,
and take care of their brain, body & spirit.
Jodi and her daughter, Lily, and their guests will discuss trending topics, world events, mental health, embodied wellness, spiritual psychology, and more! Watch.


Available to teach practical skills for promoting mind and body wellness within a chaotic world for keynotes, schools (staff, community, or students), media, colleges, seminars, and retreats. Common topics include countering the teen mental health crisis, conscious relationships, purpose, positive psychology, growth mindset, motivation, and family mental health.
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Dr Jodi Speaks on Mental Health


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