What Your Dreams Mean: Interpreting Dreams and Stopping Nightmares (Ep. 3)

Do you wonder what your dreams mean? Dream interpretation has been part of psychotherapy and humanity for a long time. Curiosity has us desiring to unravel the subconscious messages they may contain. Therapists and dream interpreters explore symbols, emotions, and narratives within dreams to shed light on the dreamer’s inner conflicts, desires, and experiences. They attempt to discover whether those dreams hold any messages for the dreamer, especially ones that might help them move forward in their healing and life goals. Jung proposed that dreams reflect collective human experiences and universal symbols. 

Do you remember your dreams? Do you know what they mean? 

In this episode, Dr. Jodi and Lily dive into what you must pay attention in order to decipher and interpret your dreams. With viewer examples and the call-in lines open, Dr. Jodi will interpret your dreams live on the air. After watching and listening, you’ll have the know-how you need to get rid of your nightmares and make your good dreams come true. 

Watch Dream Interpretation and Nightmare Resolution now.

Nightmares can affect the next day or even longer. Repeated nightmares are enough to make you not want to go to sleep, at all. They also affect the quality of your sleep. Learn what to do to stop them, for good. This technique has been tested with hundreds of clients over three decades. It works. 

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Takeaways from Dream Interpretation and Nightmare Resolution

There are several theories as to why we dream:

  • It’s a way to detox from the day.
  • They are messages for us.
  • They are images from memories, and we make a story out of them.
  • They are unresolved mental and emotional issues from our day.

Nightmare Resolution Excerpt

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