Setting Boundaries in Your Personal Relationships (Ep. 6)

Setting personal boundaries is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. Boundaries define what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior from others. We need them because they provide safety, mutual respect, understanding, belonging, as well as allow for us to be vulnerable. In this episode, Dr. Jodi discusses the importance of self-awareness in identifying your own limits and needs. By first recognizing your values and priorities, it is easier to establish clear boundaries that align with your well-being.

You may assume that effective communication is key to setting boundaries. While it’s important to assertively communicate your boundaries in a respectful manner without apologizing for them, there’s more to it than that. Rather than depend on others to respect your boundaries, Dr. Jodi shares how to set them for yourself. For example, learning how to say no and mean it, is crucial.

Boundary violations are inevitable, but when you recognize them and respond assertively, it makes a difference. In this episode, you will learn how some people can be sneaky about disrespecting boundaries and learn the tricks to dealing with these folks, whether you want to stay in a relationship with them or not. Setting boundaries is an ongoing process that requires self-reflection and adjustment as your needs and circumstances change.

There are two categories of boundaries:

One is to take physical space. Get away from people who are aggressive or dangerous or just give you bad vibes.

Two is to be unavailable energetically. Sometimes, you have to be around difficult people. In those times, it is helpful to know how to block their negativity from coming into you. In the video I share two ways that you can do that. (I also share in my book!)

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Resources Mentioned in Setting Awesome Personal Boundaries.

Finding Your Boundaries Handout Exercise, download here: Setting awesome personal boundaries.

Video on People-Pleasing:

Relationship Red Flags video

How to break up with a narcissist.

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Five Kinds of Boundaries to Think About

There are various types of boundaries we can establish for ourselves, including physical, time, conversational, relationship, and personal boundaries.

Physical Boundaries involve ensuring our physical safety and comfort. This includes setting limits on sexuality, determining where and when we go places, and defining what physical interactions we are comfortable with from others.

Time Boundaries help us maintain a healthy mindset and schedule. They involve setting limits on how much time we spend with others or on specific activities, as well as balancing work/school and home life.

Conversational Boundaries involve deciding what topics we are willing to discuss and which ones make us uncomfortable. This can cover various subjects, including politics, religion, and sexual content.

Relationship Boundaries are the limits we agree upon with partners, family members, coworkers, and close friends.

Personal Boundaries are the guidelines we set for ourselves to ensure we are aware of our needs and how to meet them in a healthy manner. These rules help us respect and care for our well-being.

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